From Beginning to the End we love being there on your wedding day and capturing your special moments from the time you and your groom start to get ready, all the way to the grand exit. Blu Moose Photography wants to be there documenting your wedding day.  We feel that this is the best way to forever capture all those precious moments. Our Forever Collections offer wedding coverage from 6 hours to All Day Coverage, just in case you need a little less. We now offer The Intimate Collection, which offers you 2-4 hours wedding coverage for your small intimate wedding.  Regardless of the coverage, we absolutely love the emotions of the joy of laughter and tears that take place on a wedding day, and understand that they are so special and priceless.  To see the raw emotion of love on this special day is what makes us love our job more and more each and every time.

Details of the day is also another very important component of the day. With all the getting ready, pageantry and the emotions of the day. We want to ensure you that we will not forget the details of your wedding day. We know you worked hard and planned all the details from the cake to the bouquets to the centerpieces to the rings down to the shoes. Blu Moose Photography will make sure you have images of those details for years to come.

Once your beautiful ceremony and the photographs with your loving family and friends have concluded, the reception is the time that new couples love to remember. That's the time to let it all go! So now the emotional part of the day is over and it's time to have FUN!  The reception is one of the most outstanding parts of a wedding day. This is where Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary kick off the orthopedic shoes and start dancing the night away.  This is the time of the day that mom actually tells you, that you got your dance moves from her, and grandma and grandpa are sitting down amazed at the fact of how happy and proud they are of their granddaughter and grandson.  Also it's finally when dad is realizing that his little girl is now a woman. We want you to have those great times in print for many years to come, so you can share with your children and grandchildren.

BUT...this no time for crying, it's time for celebration...this is the time to dance to your feet hurt, drink until you feel good and laugh until you get SIX PACK ABS. During all of this Blu Moose Photography will be there capturing those moments from the toast, to the dance floor and to the photo booth. We may even dance a jig or two with you.

 Below are some images that will give you an idea of our work and the vision behind it. Click on the images to enlarge them.

We would like to THANK YOU for taking time to view our website. We will be honored to one day be called upon to capture your wedding day.