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Realize that this is an investment in a classic, timeless and documentary style of photography. These types of images will stand the test of time. Allowing you to feel the emotion that you felt the day you were in front of my camera.  So when it is all said and done, I want you to look back and cherish those moments that were captured.  To realize those images, those moments are now the words that are now telling your story.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I Contact Blu Moose Photography?

You can contact us thru the contact form here on the website. You can also contact us via phone or text (843.465.6198)...and even social media. 

What Are Included In Your Wedding Collections?

We currently offer wedding collections that comes with a variety of options that would suit your wedding needs.  For more information on those collections please contact us.

Do I Receive the Digital Images?

You will receive all edited images via an online image gallery. Those images will come in a web-size and a hi-res digital file size format.  Your web-sized images are for you to share with family and friends and on social media. Once you have the hi-res digital images you can print, share, email and use as you like except for commercial use. These images are for personal use only. 

Do I Order Prints and Albums from You?

You can and we hope you would, but you do not have to order prints from us. If you choose to receive digital images you can print with whom ever you like. However, we print with very high quality professional photo print labs to ensure that your images are top notch with color, quality and longevity.

How Will the Images be Delivered to Me?

All images for viewing, proofing and purchasing will be delivered in an online gallery.  Through this gallery you are able to view all the edited images from your wedding day as well as order prints, which will be shipped to you, or download Hi-Res and/or Web compatible images. Prices of the print sizes and downloads are also in the online gallery.


How Many Images Will I Receive?

We really can't  give you a certain amount of images that you will receive because it depends the wedding day. However believe me, you will receive plenty of images. 

What are the Travel Expenses for You To Travel To My Wedding?

It actually depends on where your wedding or session will be located. That is something we can definitely chat about. Please see near the bottom of this page.

Do You Work Alone Or Is There A Staff That Accompanies You On The Wedding Day?

Alone, unless requested or if an assistant or 2nd photographer is a part of a particular wedding collection.  However you can always request additional photographer(s) for an additional fee.

What's The Process To Reserve A Date?

To reserve a date with Blu Moose Photography we required a non-refundable "Hold the Date Fee" and a signed contract.  Once the terms and a date are agreed upon, you will receive an email of the contract where you can digitally sign the contract and email back. The "Hold the Date Fee" is 40%  of the total, with the remainder due 21 days (3 weeks) prior to the session or event.  Once the agreement and the fee has been received, your wedding day, event or session date will then be placed on our calendar and reserved. In some cases this process may be altered due to time restraints.  Hold the Date fee as well as all monies for service can be paid via cashiers check, money order or online transaction (there is a 3% convenience charge for all online transactions) .




How much does it cost for you to travel to my wedding?

Most of my weddings are within 2-3 hours of my home (within driving distance) outside 2 hours of my home travel fees may apply, Now as for other travel options...let's get into them below.

Arranging air travel, hotel, rental car etc can be time consuming, expensive and stressful. So here's a solution to ease that burden and makes things easy for clients to understand and doesn't cost them the time to set everything up.

Here are travel rates divided the US into four areas. The money will be used to cover my airfare, hotel and rental car. If it happens to be more than the rates to the right, I will cover the cost out of my own pocket. If you are unsure which area your wedding would fall into please reach out to me. 


Pacific Time Zone – $650

Mountain Time Zone – $550

Central Time Zone – $600 (Outside my local travel area)

Eastern Time Zone – $700

International – We will have to chat about this one!


If you have additional questions please contact us.