How do i contact Somethin' Blu Weddings/Blu Moose Photography?

You can contact us thru the contact form here on the website. You can also contact us via phone or text (843.465.6198)...and even Facebook

What are included in your Forever Collections?

Our wedding packages are called Forever Collections.  There are 4 Collections...The Diamond, The Emerald, The Sapphire and The Pearl. In those Collections you receive certain amount of Gemstones (add-ons) to go along with the desired Collection.  You also receive services like Engagement Sessions, Digital Images, All Day Coverage and etc.  However, not every Collection comes with the same type of service. Click Here to see the Collections.

Do I receive the Digital Images?

You will receive all Edited Hi-Res Digital Images with 3 of the 4 Collections.  Also the Hi-Res Digital Images can be added to the Pearl Collection for an additional cost. However the Pearl Collection does come with Web-Sized images for you to share with family and friends and on social media. Once you have the hi-res digital images you can print, share, email and use as you like except for commercial use. These images are for personal use only. 

Do I order prints from you?

You can and we hope you would, but you do not have to order prints from us. If you choose to receive digital images you can print with whom ever you like. However, we print with very high quality professional photo print labs to ensure that your images are top notch with color, quality and longevity.

How Do I order my album?

Go to this link and select your name to start the process. Once you log into your gallery, you can start viewing photos and selecting products to purchase. To select and purchase an album, just select any photo , click "Buy Photo", then click "Album", then select the size of your FOREVER Album. Then click view cart. Fill out all required information and enter any coupon code (if applicable) that you may have at time of checkout to receive your discount. After filling out payment info and before placing your order, there is an "ADD A NOTE TO SELLER" button. This is where you let us know if you want to add additional pages to your album or not and select your cover option. If additional pages are requested an invoice will be sent you stating the remainder due to complete your album.  Or you could simply email us the info too. 

How many images will I receive and what will the color and style be like?

We really can't  give you a certain amount of images that you will receive because we really don't know until we sit and start to cull and edit thru the images from your wedding day.  But believe me, you will receive plenty of images because we shoot all day. 

As for the color and style of the images. The images will be in color and black and white.  However we do use a clean film look at times to add character to the some of the images, but this something we could definitely sit and chat about.  Our goal is to make sure you are ecstatic about the images.

How will the images be delivered to me?

All images for viewing, proofing and purchasing will be delivered in an online gallery.  Through this gallery you are able to view all the edited images from your wedding day as well as order prints, which will be shipped to you, or download Hi-Res and/or Web compatible images. Prices of the print sizes and downloads are also in the online gallery.

What are the travel EXPENSEs for you to travel to my wedding?

It actually depends on where your wedding is located. That would be something we would have to chat about.

Do you work alone or is there a staff that accompanies you on the wedding day?

We always have at least one photographer and one assistant, excluding The Intimate Collection (which the assistant has the ability to photograph a wedding as well if needed).  With the Diamond Collection there is always 2 photographers and an assistant.  However you could always request an additional photographer for an additional fee.

What's the process to reserve a date? 

To reserve a date with Blu Moose Photography we required a non-refundable "Hold the Date Fee" and a signed contract.  Once the terms and a date is agreed upon, you will receive an email of the agreement or a link to fill out and sign the agreement. The "Hold the Date Fee" is 40%  the total agreed upon, with the remainder due stipulated in the agreement.  Once the agreement and the fee has been received by us, your wedding day or session date will then be placed on our calendar and reserved. In some cases this process may be altered due to time restraints.  Hold the Date fee as well as all monies for service can be paid via cashiers check, money order or PayPal (there is a 3% convenience charge for PayPal transactions) .