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Heather and Derek met at Cabelas at the end of 2014 during the holiday season. Heather had been working there since summer of 2013 after not having any luck in the chiropractic field at that time. Derek decided to go a different career path (he was tired of working 2nd shift) so the part-time job kept him occupied while attending technical school. At first Heather was upset the chiropractic job didn't work out; however, looking back on it now she realizes it was meant to be because they never would have crossed paths if it weren't for Cabela's.

The first time Heather saw Derek at Cabela's as a new employee she  was immediately attracted to him. In her mind she stated that she said to herself, "Yup, I want to date him". Heather would purposely go out of her way to run into Derek and smile every time she would see him. She knew something was there for her because this was unusal for her to do, because she tends to be more on the shy side. However, with Derek everything was different, much different. She told another co-worker who happened to be a life long friend of her dad about the crush she had on Derek and it didn't take long before word got to him and they exchanged numbers. To find out Derek was very much into to Heather as well. So Heather was relieved to find out he felt the same way. Then the journey to where they are today started to flourish.  After 2 years of dating and making countless memories together, the end of 2016 became very eventful as everything happened all at once. Before they knew it they were in different careers and working full time jobs as a boilermaker and chiropractic assistant, so the moved on from Cabela's. Then came along their loving child (of the 4 legged kind) their beloved puppy Callie, then moving in together. At this point things were good for Heather and Derek, but it was about to get even better.  A friend and former employee from Cabela's who worked alongside Derek also worked at a jewelry store designed Heather's gorgeous and unique engagement ring. On December 17, 2016 Heather came home from work and saw that Callie was running down the stairs to greet her with a big bow around her neck. Derek told me to check out her new tag that said, "Will You Marry Me?" on it. The ring was tied around the bow. Heather was so in love the proposal and knew then she would be marrying the man that stole her heart at Cabela's. Heather and Derek so excited and cannot wait to be married in May of 2018, to start and experience a lifetime of happiness and unconditional love.