Wisconsin Engagement Photography | Devil's Lake State Park | Baraboo, WI | Kaela + Matt | Engagement | Photos


Once you meet Kaela and Matt for the first time you instantly know there is nothing but pure unconditional love between them.  When we had our consultation, you could see how much Kaela adores Matt. By the little gestures and the way her eyes glow when she talks about him.  It is amazing how much Matt loves Kaela.  His eyes light up like the 4th of July when he looks at her, talks about her and hears her name. So I knew then there was going to be plenty of chemistry between the two for their engagement session and they didn't disappoint. Kaela and Matt chose Devil's Lake State Park located in Baraboo, WI as the backdrop for their engagement session. Their love for hiking made this the perfect setting for them. This has to be one of the most goregous state parks I've ever seen. It is filled with beautiful scenery from maples, rock paths and the beautiful lake itself. 


Here's a little love backstory about the couple...

Kaela and Matt met at a volunteer event for school in Virginia. At this event, the two were teaching kids about the sports in which they excelled in at Old Dominion University. (Matt was a wrestler and Kaela was a rower). So how I hear it, this is how the story goes...Kaela was leading a group of kids around when Matt happened to his lay eyes on her. When they made eye contact and Kaela smiled at Matt, there was a spark and just something in her smile that immediately got to Matt. He felt the spark right then and there.  Matt found a friend of his, who was teammate of Kaela's on the row team to inquire about who she was and if she was seeing anyone. The inquiry worked and his persistence paid off.  They met and started talking and  just hit it off from there. Shortly after their first encounter, they left for summer break, but remained in contact all throughout the summer.  Kaela and Matt met up and hung out the first day they both were back at school and from that point on they were pretty much inseparable. Once they graduated from ODU Matt knew he had a very special woman in his life. So when they decided to moved to Wisconsin, he made the biggest and best decision of his life by asking Kaela to be his wife a few months later after the move.

These two lovebirds are a pretty laid back couple, that enjoy doing things together like watching Netflix for hours on end, having a weekly game night with friends, climbing Mt. Elbert in Colorado and just spending a lot of time laughing at/making fun of each other.  I think Kaela and Matt knew we were right for each other from the very beginning.  They both have the same interest, morals, and likes. But most importantly they just love and enjoy each other all the time. There was something there, a link, a bond of some sort they drew them to each other that wont break. Their love for each other is like Noah and Allie from the notebook. It's a bond that will last to the end and beyond.