Wisconsin Dells Wedding Photographer | St. Cecilia Catholic Church | Rachel + Jason | Wisconsin Dells Wedding

Rachel and Jason hail from Pierre, South Dakota. Rachel grew up in Michigan (Go Wolverines!) and Jason grew up in South Dakota. They both wanted to keep it simple and stay true to the traditions that meant so much to them. However, with both of their families being from two different areas they needed to find a solution to have their families share in the celebration with them. So they decided to have a reception in South Dakota and one in Michigan, however they needed to find somewhere in the middle for the ceremony. The ceremony solution was to bring their families who have never met, together in the middle and that middle was right here in the Dells.  

Rachel and Jason chose the St. Cecilia's Catholic Church in the Dells for it's amazing and breathtaking beauty and the plethora of activities to do in the area for the families. It's very hard to describe how beautiful St. Cecilia Catholic Church is. The attention to detail throughout this church is beautiful. It mixes modern style with the old style together to make an amazing church. Speaking of old...one tradition that Rachel and Jason wanted to stay true to was the walking down the aisle together. This is one of the oldest wedding practices of the Catholic church and was very special to Rachel and Jason. The glow on Rachel's face as she was walking down to marry her love was priceless to witness. Jason had huge smile going on too. They also decided not to do a first look, but to see each other for the first time just before it was time to walk down the aisle together.  

In addition to St Cecilia with simplicity in mind, they chose the River Walk Pub because of their beautiful outdoor riverside patio and riverwalk. Somewhere they families could just sit eat, drink and celebrate their union. They kept all of this small and intimate with the family members that were able to travel to Wisconsin Dells with them. 

Rachel and Jason just has that genuine, undeniable love for each other. The body language during the ceremony, the little eye gazes and tiny so-intimate gentle smiles they gave each other throughout the day were amazing. Rachel was absolutely stunning in her wedding dress and you can tell she was waiting for a day like this forever. Jason truly has a beautiful bride at his side forever. 

I wish Rachel and Jason many blessings and the best that life can offer!!