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Sydney and Tim have known each other forever. Have you ever as a boy in grade school saw that one girl that gave you butterflies and said to you yourself, "I am going to marry her someday." then you guys chat every now and then the day comes that you have to work on a project and you get paired up with the girl that has your heart.  Whether you are a girl or a guy that is reading this, I want you to close your eyes and think back and experience that anxiety, love and flutter in your stomach feeling.  How does that feel? What do you call that feeling you had way back when.  That's your young and maybe even your first crush.  That flutter may be a simple infatuation but sometimes that flutter turns into true love and you two date in junior high, high school and even college.  That flutter you felt then may now be your wife or husband now.  This is what sort of happened to Sydney and Tim. To get where they are now they had to put some icing on their cake. Through all those years together they added that icing, they added a 3rd person to their relationship...God. With Him they were destined to be together. So below is a little backstory about Sydney and Tim's divine relationship.  

Sydney and Tim were partners in science class in 7th grade, (Yes I said 7th grade...and I did reference to young love) and in April of 2010 Tim asked Sydney to go out with him. For the first couple years they were just goofy little kids, with some infatuation and it wasn't anything serious. However about halfway through high school they really started to feel something for one another, and they became committed and serious about their relationship. They both had then and still have today, a strong Faith in God and that allowed them to truly connected on a spiritual level. They were dedicated and wanted to build their relationship around God and His will for their lives. And when high school came to an end, they knew they had something truly special.

Tim lived at home for the first year of college here in Wisconsin and Sydney got a scholarship to play soccer in Ohio.The two of them were now apart for the first time. This was truly a challenging season in their relationship. It was hard and very difficult for both of them; however looking back, they both realized that God was working behind the scenes and putting all the things together for His plan. This time a part made it clear to them that were not meant to be away from each other. They were supposed to be on the same team and go through life as husband and wife. It was God's plan and they realized that. Sydney and Tim got engaged in the summer of 2016.  At this time, Sydney was back in Wisconsin and both were attending school at the University of Wisconsin Madison. They both knew there was a blueprint for them and they were excited to run the race together that the Lord had set before them.

As a couple, they are cute, loving and simple people. There's beauty in this simplicity though. They have only ever known the love for one other. There has never been others in our lives. Together they embrace many qualities that have cultivated their seven years together. They feel that their youthful start lends to their silly manner with one another, yet growing up together allows them to adapt and mature to the next stage in life. They truly feel like this can only be the creation of a divine plan.  A simple story of two people brought together by a loving God. 

The beauty of their relationship is that they relied on Faith. They didn't questioned it. They didn't run from it. They simply embraced His plan. For two young adults to realized this now, early in their lives, only means they are equipped for anything that the world can put in their way.  They know Who to call on, Who to pray to, Who to consult with and Who to praise...so everything is gonna be alright! To hear and type their story gives me a totally different kind of flutter in my heart and stomach. I know it's the Love of Christ!