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Pawleys Island Community Church Wedding | Deava & Issac

What made this wedding so special is that Deava and Issac's love sustained a long distance relationship. Over half of the 3 years that they dated was long distance because Issac was serving our country in Afghanistan. They both credit their faith in God which gave them the strength to love each other so much and so strong during Deava's time in nursing school and Isaac being overseas all while trying to build on a new relationship. 

Deava and Issac did it, as some would say, the old fashioned Godly way. They relied on their Faith to keep them true to each other. They both have old souls and strong faith in Christ, that they wanted that part of them to show on their wedding day. So Issac requested to have their wedding in an all wood church. Pawleys Island Community Church Chapel was the perfect venue for them. With all the wood and rustic charm, PICC was idea for these two old souls. 

Deava even kept the vintage theme going with her dress with the Queen Anne neckline along with her late grandmother's diamond and gold necklace. She even made her birdcage veil for a little more touch of nostalgia. However, along with the vintage look she wanted to make sure her and Issac's faith was represented in the wedding as well. The groom and groomsmen's boutonnieres were crucifixes made from masonry nails and gold wire. The bridesmaids bouquets were made with flowers and family bibles.  

This ceremony was special because you simply could feel the love they had for each other but most importantly feel the love they had for GOD and their faith that sustained them during their relationship. So in closing I wish Deava and Issac the very best that life has to offer. They have certainly started this marriage on the right path.

Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club Wedding | Alex and Joel

This wedding was amazing, fun and energetic from start to finish.  Alex and Joel's wedding didn't disappoint at all. From the shower high fives to tears of joy to the groom's father doing push ups, this Pawleys Island wedding was a blast. The ceremony took place at the rustic Pawleys Island Community Church Chapel and the night ended at Pawleys Island Golf and Country Club. Two great venues for two outstanding people. We wish Alex and Joel many blessings and happiness for years to come.

The Market Common & Huntington Beach State Park Engagement | Victoria + John

There is nothing like photographing a couple's session with two good looking goofballs that are just their animated, loving selves...and this is exactly what this was. Victoria and John had me laughing so hard at times that I couldn't keep the camera steady enough to get a good shot.  And the faces that Victoria made would make a blind man laugh. Unfortunately I was told not to display those but you can tell from the images that we have here proves that they had a great time.  We started this photo shoot on this beautiful afternoon at The Market Common and finished up on the beach at Huntington Beach State Park. Two beautiful people in two beautiful locations.

Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort and Spa at Grande Dunes Wedding | Asia & Albert

Asia and Albert hail from the midwest, just outside Indianapolis a matter of fact. These two were college sweethearts that allowed their infatuation for each other to blossom into an amazing love.  Both families knew right from the start that they were meant to be with each other and both families loved Asia and Albert like they were already a part of the family. Their friends were going to make sure that Asia and Albert were gonna be together no matter what. They had a ton of support and love behind them.

So how do you treat the family and friends that loved you so much for so long before you even popped the plan an amazing wedding and at an amazing venue in Myrtle Beach. With friends and family from the low country and the Midwest, Asia and Albert planned the perfect wedding at the amazing Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort and Spa at Grande Dunes to get married and start their new life together as husband and wife.

With love in the air and laughter and smiles all around, the ceremony was full of emotion, stories, reflection and unwavering love and support.  We thank Asia and Albert for allowing us to be there to capture their special moments and we wish you two a lifetime of love, happiness and laughter.

Thanks to E Designs for the amazing design and decor and Arnetta Scruggs of Chosen 1 Productions for the coordination of the wedding day. Thank you ladies for your amazing work!


Charleston SC | The Vendue Boutique Art Hotel Wedding | Stevie & Jazz

What can I say about Stevie and Jazz? It's amazing how love works and stands the test of time.  These two were meant to be together. Stevie and Jazz have know each other since childhood and God wanted these two to be one.  They have such an amazing love for God, that this union was truly blessed before it ever came to be. They selected the perfect venue for their small intimate wedding. The Vendue located in historic downtown Charleston, SC is an absolutely amazing venue, especially for those small quaint intimate weddings. The art and decor throughout the museum-hotel is breathtaking. The Vendue was perfect for these two. Stevie and Jazz thank you for allowing us to capture this beautiful day for you and documenting the love you and your families have toward each other. May God continue to bless your union for a lifetime.

...Until next time Be Blessed, Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!

It's that planning time!

Take in a big you smell that? Now open your eyes wide and notice all that in the air...and no I'm not talking about the pollen.  It's LOVE!!! Engagement season has started for this year's late fall and 2017 weddings. So what to do now. You already have step #1 out of the way (you said "yes") now comes the more interesting part of the planning process.

Once you set your budget for your wedding (yes, I said budget) and settle on your wedding colors, wedding party and guest list, it is now time to really get down to business. Personally I say start with insuring that gorgeous engagement ring. Many don't think of this, but if you want to start off your wedding planning upset and stressed let something happen to the ring.  You really do not want anything to happen to that gorgeous ring. After the rock is insured, start thinking of dates (if you haven't already) and get that venue booked. Your specific wedding day will depend on you booking your venue.  There is that one venue that has the amazing grounds, picturesque scenery and gorgeous hall that you can see yourself getting married and dancing your wedding day away in. So start researching and get it booked for the date you desire. Always have option 1 and 2 and possibly 3. The longer you wait, the better the chance that date you want to get married on may be booked at that venue.  In other words, the sooner the better. During the researching venue process, you want to make sure if you can bring in your own vendors such as coordinator, caterer and etc. and not just be dedicated to using that venue's caterer and etc.  Also if you plan on having alcohol check on requirements for that as well. This will help you in booking other vendors or not. Also be sure to see if that venue will be able to accompany all your guests, especially if you are planning a big wedding.

Next you move on to the creative people like myself, that will ensure your wedding day is a very special and memorable day. If you and your finance´ are very busy people you may want to consider a wedding coordinator or consultant.  Hiring a planner can make your planning process so stress free.  Also this where you may receive recommended vendors if you don't have them in mind already. Once you have made the decision to have or not to have a wedding consultant, then move on to other vendors like  photographers, florists, musicians/DJs, caterers and bakers.  Just like the venue, you want to research and book your vendors as soon as possible.  They too, get book up to a year in advance.  So make a list of what vendors are most important to you and go in that order.  Personally I say book your photographer then go on to the other remaining vendors, but I may be a little bias :)  A matter of fact, just contact me right now :)

Then it is time to say yes to the dress!!  Before you go shopping with the ladies of the family, best friends and bridesmaids do a little research on the style of wedding dress you may want.  Be sure to see what styles may fit your body type best? What wedding dresses are made of what materials that fits the season you are getting married in? What neckline flatters you best and so forth?  There are a ton of options out there so do a little research before you jump into the dressing  room.

Oooh!! Before I forget, also do you wedding registry before you engagement party and bridal showers.  Have the hubby-to-be sit down with you to think of the items you may want to start your lives together. And let him pick out a few items too. This would be a great time to look at wedding trinkets for your guest as well as gifts for the wedding party.

One thing you have to do is remain composed during this process. Maybe even set up a calendar or certain days to do specific things to keep yourself organized and and less stressed.  You don't want to burn yourself out during this process and/or become a "brideziila or groomzilla".  This is a day that you two lovebirds want remember forever, so why not make it a great memory.

Until next time...Stay happy...and Keep smiling!

Indiana Engagement Photographer | Chesterton, IN | Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve | Engagement Session | Jessica & Chuck

So let me tell you about this session. This engagement session took me to nice little town in Chesterton Indiana, just outside of Valparaiso, IN. If you don't know where Valpo is located, it's about an hour southeast of the Windy City Chicago. This was one of the best sessions I've had to date.  Jess and Chuck were amazing, fun loving and so laid back. It was an honor to photograph their engagement session and I can't wait to document their wedding!

Jess and Chuck decided to have their session at the Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve in Chesterton Indiana.  All I can say is that they pick an absolute gem of a location.  As you walk around, you are literally one with nature.  The beauty of this place is breathtaking.  Everything was so right about this location...except for the mosquitos.  They were basically trying to carry us away during the session; however, it made for a very fun and interesting time and some hilarious pics.

I can't say enough about Jess and Chuck but I have to keep this short. I will tell you can see the love they have for each other, the respect they have for each other and how they simply adore one another through out the images.  It's amazing to see the big fun they have in their little moments throughout this e-session. Jess really wanted me to capture "them" and not the posey posey type of things.  They allowed me to put them in situations and then I just let them be Jess and Chuck. It was amazing to see the interaction. So enough telling you about it, let the images show you.

From the funny faces, to fighting mosquitos and through the intimate times throughout your session, you guys were AMAZING and I truly want to THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of something so special.  Until next time...

...Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!!

Myrtle Beach Train Depot Wedding Photographer | Myrtle Beach, SC

Oh the Myrtle Beach Train Depot Wedding.  This wedding was AWESOME!! Bright colors, good music and a Pastor taking a selfie with the couple right after the kiss!! Fun fun and more fun was this wedding.  I had the opportunity to work with the BEAUTIFUL Feuza Reis on this wedding. This lady knows how to work a wedding. By working with her she taught me a lot but one thing stands out...CONFIDENCE.  She owns it and works it.  It was an honor to work with her.

Getting back to this wedding...this was a fun loving, party atmosphere.  They were there to celebrate, and celebrate they did.  From the time you walked in, the mood is set to instill fun into your brain. From walking past the coolest looking photo booth that resembles an old school karaoke machine, to coming up the steps into the Depot and seeing a table full of colorful candy and goodies, with the addition of the colorful decor on the tables and the string lights swaying from the ceiling and the DJ booth in the corner, you know there was a good vibe going on. And the ladies that attended this wedding knew how to "wobble, wobble"! Colorful ceremony, colorful people, great dancing and a good ole time at the Train Depot!  Thank you again Feuza for allowing me to work with you.  It was an honor and I look forward to the next one with you!

PS--Beware of the Love Potion #9 drink.  That thing has a Kick!!