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Congratulations on your engagement! Now it's time to document your love and show your family and closest friends. Enter the giveaway for a chance to win a free engagement session ($450 value) from Blu Moose Photography.

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Rules: One entry per account, per day. Engagement session dates to be agreed upon by Blu Moose Photography and winner. Session to occur within the state and place of your choice. Winner responsible for their own travel to session location, permits and fees if applicable for selected location. Contest ends midnight CST on 2/28/2017. Winner to be announced 3/1/17.


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It's that time...wedding planning time!

Take in a big breath...do you smell that? Now open your eyes wide and notice all that in the air...and no I'm not talking about the pollen.  It's LOVE!!! Engagement season has started for this year's late fall and 2017 weddings. So what to do now. You already have step #1 out of the way (you said "yes") now comes the more interesting part of the planning process.

Once you set your budget for your wedding (yes, I said budget) and settle on your wedding colors, wedding party and guest list, it is now time to really get down to business. Personally I say start with insuring that gorgeous engagement ring. Many don't think of this, but if you want to start off your wedding planning upset and stressed let something happen to the ring.  You really do not want anything to happen to that gorgeous ring. After the rock is insured, start thinking of dates (if you haven't already) and get that venue booked. Your specific wedding day will depend on you booking your venue.  There is that one venue that has the amazing grounds, picturesque scenery and gorgeous hall that you can see yourself getting married and dancing your wedding day away in. So start researching and get it booked for the date you desire. Always have option 1 and 2 and possibly 3. The longer you wait, the better the chance that date you want to get married on may be booked at that venue.  In other words, the sooner the better. During the researching venue process, you want to make sure if you can bring in your own vendors such as coordinator, caterer and etc. and not just be dedicated to using that venue's caterer and etc.  Also if you plan on having alcohol check on requirements for that as well. This will help you in booking other vendors or not. Also be sure to see if that venue will be able to accompany all your guests, especially if you are planning a big wedding.

Next you move on to the creative people like myself, that will ensure your wedding day is a very special and memorable day. If you and your finance´ are very busy people you may want to consider a wedding coordinator or consultant.  Hiring a planner can make your planning process so stress free.  Also this where you may receive recommended vendors if you don't have them in mind already. Once you have made the decision to have or not to have a wedding consultant, then move on to other vendors like  photographers, florists, musicians/DJs, caterers and bakers.  Just like the venue, you want to research and book your vendors as soon as possible.  They too, get book up to a year in advance.  So make a list of what vendors are most important to you and go in that order.  Personally I say book your photographer then go on to the other remaining vendors, but I may be a little bias :)  A matter of fact, just contact me right now :)

Then it is time to say yes to the dress!!  Before you go shopping with the ladies of the family, best friends and bridesmaids do a little research on the style of wedding dress you may want.  Be sure to see what styles may fit your body type best? What wedding dresses are made of what materials that fits the season you are getting married in? What neckline flatters you best and so forth?  There are a ton of options out there so do a little research before you jump into the dressing  room.

Oooh!! Before I forget, also do you wedding registry before you engagement party and bridal showers.  Have the hubby-to-be sit down with you to think of the items you may want to start your lives together. And let him pick out a few items too. This would be a great time to look at wedding trinkets for your guest as well as gifts for the wedding party.

One thing you have to do is remain composed during this process. Maybe even set up a calendar or certain days to do specific things to keep yourself organized and and less stressed.  You don't want to burn yourself out during this process and/or become a "brideziila or groomzilla".  This is a day that you two lovebirds want remember forever, so why not make it a great memory.

Until next time...Stay happy...and Keep smiling!