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Pawleys Island Community Church Wedding | Deava & Issac

What made this wedding so special is that Deava and Issac's love sustained a long distance relationship. Over half of the 3 years that they dated was long distance because Issac was serving our country in Afghanistan. They both credit their faith in God which gave them the strength to love each other so much and so strong during Deava's time in nursing school and Isaac being overseas all while trying to build on a new relationship. 

Deava and Issac did it, as some would say, the old fashioned Godly way. They relied on their Faith to keep them true to each other. They both have old souls and strong faith in Christ, that they wanted that part of them to show on their wedding day. So Issac requested to have their wedding in an all wood church. Pawleys Island Community Church Chapel was the perfect venue for them. With all the wood and rustic charm, PICC was idea for these two old souls. 

Deava even kept the vintage theme going with her dress with the Queen Anne neckline along with her late grandmother's diamond and gold necklace. She even made her birdcage veil for a little more touch of nostalgia. However, along with the vintage look she wanted to make sure her and Issac's faith was represented in the wedding as well. The groom and groomsmen's boutonnieres were crucifixes made from masonry nails and gold wire. The bridesmaids bouquets were made with flowers and family bibles.  

This ceremony was special because you simply could feel the love they had for each other but most importantly feel the love they had for GOD and their faith that sustained them during their relationship. So in closing I wish Deava and Issac the very best that life has to offer. They have certainly started this marriage on the right path.

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Blu Moose Photography will soon offer boudoir sessions. Also these sessions will be added to our  Gemstones that will allow boudoir sessions to be added to wedding collections. Prices for boudoir sessions and how to book them will be coming soon.

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