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God's Little Angel

I don't know where to even start with this blog.  There is always that story that you hear that simply moves you and melts your heart. This couple reached out to us last year following a fundraising event at Habitat for Humanity that we both participated in.  We had an expiration date on the services that they won in a the silent auction and it had already expired. But once I received Josh's email and in that email he briefly told me their story I knew I wanted to do this for them.  So we scheduled a date to meet in February of this year and hearing their story at that meeting from both Suzanne and Josh I was almost brought to tears. Their story goes from being heartbreaking to a beautiful new chapter that is about to unfold. Here are few images of their maternity session at the beautiful Calendonia Golf and Fish Club in Pawley's Island. 

As for their story of God's little angel, I will let them tell you themselves...Listen to Suzanne and Josh as they share their story of heartbreak and joy as they are about to welcome little Miss Tenley Brooks into this world.

If you know of anyone who have or is struggling with this type of loss in their lives share this with them to let them know that they are not alone. That they can feel joy again and maybe share their story with others. We never know what God has in store for us and your struggles could one day help others. However,  I can tell you that He will not give you anything you can't handle. 

God Bless You Suzanne and Josh and THANK YOU for allowing us to tell your story. Until next time...Be Blessed, Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!!!

Many thanks goes to:

Taylor Sparks for makeup and hair and Kevin Dunbar of Media by KD.

Myrtle Beach Ocean Boulevard and Pawleys Island Engagement | Letsy & Herson

It's amazing when you are in the presence of true love. I was truly mesmerized by Letsy and Herson during their engagement session. The amount of love and joy they displayed was out of the world, and each time Letsy smiled you could simply feel the warmth of her love towards Herson. Every time Herson looked at Letsy you could see how much he loved and adored her soul. This was a pretty cool engagement session that was broken up into two parts.  We started at sunrise on Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach and finished up at Calendonia and Pawleys Island Point. If you never believed in soulmates, be around these two and then you will believe.

Thank you for allowing us to capture this glorious day and not letting the rain dampen your spirits.

Until next time...Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!!!

Calendonia Golf & Fish Club | Lowcountry | Engagement Session | Tomecca and Octavius

Tomecca nd Octavius first were introduced in November 2010 through mutual friends and under some very interesting circumstances. However there wasn't real sparks at that time.  Tomecca felt she needed some time and divine intervention to happen to make sure Octavius was the "one". Guess what...there was some divine intervention in the works. With her friends and the divine intervention working in the background. She was starting to noticed how much her friends liked Octavius, but most importantly how much they had cared for him. So Tomecca finally gave it a shot and gave Octavius her number. The first phone conversation lasted for hours which planted a seed for something amazing to come.

After that first call followed many more calls with great conversations that led to a meaningful friendship.  That friendship turned into an amazing relationship. This relationship was done the old fashioned way. They did what the old people called "courting."  The first date was February 15, 2011 at an Italian restaurant in which they enjoyed dinner and talked until the doors were closed. Even the waitstaff knew something special was brewing because they just cleaned up around Tomecca and Octavius and never interrupted or asked them to leave.  They just let them fall in love right then and there. The rest was history after that.

So fast forward 5 years to February 14, 2016.  Octavius wanted to make this Valentine's Day special. So for this special day he decided to take Tomecca to the same restaurant where they had their first date 5 years earlier. Requested the exact same booth they sat in for that very first date; and they had great conversation like they had on that very first date. However he had something little more special to add to this night.  So at the end of this night he wanted to make the love of his life, his wife. He knew he had a special woman who would be there for him and love him just as much as he loved her. Those long late night conversations turn into friendship. That friendship blossomed into love. Now that love will manifest into a beautiful marriage in April of this year.

These guys are amazing together. They love so many of the same things and love to be by each other's side. You can't help but love them too. However there is one thing they both know I don't like about them...their LOVE for those DALLAS COWBOYS! (I should have charged them extra); but I will let that slide. Can't wait to photograph their moments that will tell their love story!