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Picnic Point, Madison, WI Wedding Photographer | Kellie + Rob - Engaged

From the Bride:

Our first date was September 6th 2013. We had arranged to meet up at ‘Picnic Point’ in Madison WI after messaging back and forth day and night for about a couple of weeks on Match.com.  The sparks were already flying, our emails to each other where fun and deep and on a different level of connection than I had experienced in a long time. I got little butterflies in my stomach every time I saw a new email from him in my inbox, I just knew this guy was different. I really wanted to meet him, but I was also so nervous. What if he didn’t like me as much in person? What if I wasn’t what he expected? Or what if our connection lost its spark, and I came crashing down from the euphoric high I was feeling? But, I decided to go for it, we set the first date and I tried not to freak out too much.

Everything went perfect, the weather was perfect for a stroll, his smile was perfect and it instantly put me at ease. We definitely clicked. We walked and talked for what seemed like forever, probably 7 or 8 hours. We talked about our lives, where we had been and where we were going, we couldn’t get enough of each other’s stories. We smiled and laughed and held hands. It just felt so natural to be with him, so safe and instantly, I was hooked.

4 years of ups and downs later, Rob got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him as his wife. He was “playing Santa” at my family Christmas party, and with my entire family as witnesses, I said an absolute “hell yes!” I truly could not imagine my life without this man in it. He has taught me about true love and true commitment and how to return to those values when the going gets tough or days when it would be easier to walk away. He has shown me the type of man I want by my side as I go through this amazing life of exceptional times and of miserable times. I have no doubt that he will forever be my rock that I cling to and can trust to always keep me safe and smiling. 

So, as we are now preparing to walk down the aisle, we wanted to capture this sweet period in our lives with photos of us back where it all started, back at ‘Picnic Point.’ I think Rob and I were more nervous for this experience than we were our first date. But as soon as we met Moose, we were back at ease, comfortable being our true selves, and truly having a blast. The photo session totally exceeded our expectations and we are so grateful that Moose was there to help guide us through it. He made us laugh and let us be ourselves, and most importantly, he captured images of us that reflect who we are as a couple and our real love for each other. After this experience, we are even more excited about having Moose capture the most important day of our lives in photographs. We are so looking forward to sitting down with these photos on every anniversary until we are old and gray and can barely remember each others names and always being able to see the true love we have for each other shining through in each and every photo.

Thank you Moose, we are forever grateful.


From me:

I really feel I don't need to say too much more. Kellie explained it all.  What I will add is that it was a blast to photograph Kellie and Rob.  You would be jealous if you knew how much fun we had on during this engagement session.  Rob kept me rolling with laughter and there are a couple of images here but I felt I should just let Kellie and Rob have the rest of those moments just for them. Kellie has the most radiant smile and personality I've ever experienced.  This is a love story of a yoga instructor and heavy metal rocker meeting and falling in love; and I can't wait to photograph their wedding day!

Reedsburg Country Club, Reedsburg, WI Wedding Photographer | Kaela & Matt Married

Hey guys!! What a wedding day it was for Kaela and Matt.  These two are just so loving towards one another, it's infectious.  I personally had two favorite moments of the day. The first moment I want to share is when Kaela and Matt saw each other during their first look. The way they both just lit up when they saw each other for the first time was amazing. I swear I heard the words "I love you so much" a million times during the first look. The moment they shared with the smiles, laughter and tears was heartwarming. It literally gave me goosebumps.  

The second moment is when Kaela arrive at the Reedsburg Country Club. I've never witnessed a bride so cool, calm and collective on her wedding day.  She understood that she was marrying her best friend and love of her life and there was no need to be nervous.  Kaela came in looking beautiful, gave me hug and was giving me high fives during the wedding day.  

As you look through the images from their engagement session and their wedding day, you can see the abundance of love that they have for each other.  They were a blast to be around and photograph. Thank you Kaela and Matt for allowing me to capture your wedding day. It was an absolute honor. I wish you the best that life has to offer you two and a lifetime of love and happiness.


Wisconsin Dells Wedding Photographer | St. Cecilia Catholic Church | Rachel + Jason | Wisconsin Dells Wedding

Rachel and Jason hail from Pierre, South Dakota. Rachel grew up in Michigan (Go Wolverines!) and Jason grew up in South Dakota. They both wanted to keep it simple and stay true to the traditions that meant so much to them. However, with both of their families being from two different areas they needed to find a solution to have their families share in the celebration with them. So they decided to have a reception in South Dakota and one in Michigan, however they needed to find somewhere in the middle for the ceremony. The ceremony solution was to bring their families who have never met, together in the middle and that middle was right here in the Dells.  

Rachel and Jason chose the St. Cecilia's Catholic Church in the Dells for it's amazing and breathtaking beauty and the plethora of activities to do in the area for the families. It's very hard to describe how beautiful St. Cecilia Catholic Church is. The attention to detail throughout this church is beautiful. It mixes modern style with the old style together to make an amazing church. Speaking of old...one tradition that Rachel and Jason wanted to stay true to was the walking down the aisle together. This is one of the oldest wedding practices of the Catholic church and was very special to Rachel and Jason. The glow on Rachel's face as she was walking down to marry her love was priceless to witness. Jason had huge smile going on too. They also decided not to do a first look, but to see each other for the first time just before it was time to walk down the aisle together.  

In addition to St Cecilia with simplicity in mind, they chose the River Walk Pub because of their beautiful outdoor riverside patio and riverwalk. Somewhere they families could just sit eat, drink and celebrate their union. They kept all of this small and intimate with the family members that were able to travel to Wisconsin Dells with them. 

Rachel and Jason just has that genuine, undeniable love for each other. The body language during the ceremony, the little eye gazes and tiny so-intimate gentle smiles they gave each other throughout the day were amazing. Rachel was absolutely stunning in her wedding dress and you can tell she was waiting for a day like this forever. Jason truly has a beautiful bride at his side forever. 

I wish Rachel and Jason many blessings and the best that life can offer!!

Wisconsin Engagement Photography | Downtown Madison, WI | Memorial Terrace Union | Engagement Photos | Claire & Pete


This was a fun engagement session with a fun and beautiful couple. Claire and Pete were our winners of the Wisconsin Engagement Session Giveaway. I love the fact these two chose to do their engagement session in Downtown Madison. With me being new to the area, Claire and Pete were able to show me things in Madison that I've yet to see and that was incredibly awesome.  Photographing downtown and on the grounds of the State Capitol was amazing in itself with the large trees and bright stone of the capitol's step. Then we walk the streets a little for more shots until we made it to the renowned Memorial Union Terrace. If you haven't been, you have to go.  It is an AWESOME experience.

Being around these two is infectious.  You can't help but to have a good time.  The love they have for each other is outstanding to witness.  Also the love Claire has for wonderful head of hair is so funny and awesome at the same time. (Sorry Claire, I had to throw that in there). When Pete is with Claire, the smile that she has is brighter than the sun itself.  You see the love, the joy, the affection they have towards one another. The look that Pete get's in his eyes when he looks at Claire is simply mesmerizing. You just know he adores and loves her infinitely. You can't help but to fall in love with these two.

So a big thanks to our winners Claire and Pete for being awesome, gracious and simply beautiful for their engagement session.  I wish you the best that life has to offer for years to come!

Wisconsin Engagement Photography | UW Arboretum | Madison, WI | Sydney + Tim | Engagement | Photos


Sydney and Tim have known each other forever. Have you ever as a boy in grade school saw that one girl that gave you butterflies and said to you yourself, "I am going to marry her someday." then you guys chat every now and then the day comes that you have to work on a project and you get paired up with the girl that has your heart.  Whether you are a girl or a guy that is reading this, I want you to close your eyes and think back and experience that anxiety, love and flutter in your stomach feeling.  How does that feel? What do you call that feeling you had way back when.  That's your young and maybe even your first crush.  That flutter may be a simple infatuation but sometimes that flutter turns into true love and you two date in junior high, high school and even college.  That flutter you felt then may now be your wife or husband now.  This is what sort of happened to Sydney and Tim. To get where they are now they had to put some icing on their cake. Through all those years together they added that icing, they added a 3rd person to their relationship...God. With Him they were destined to be together. So below is a little backstory about Sydney and Tim's divine relationship.  

Sydney and Tim were partners in science class in 7th grade, (Yes I said 7th grade...and I did reference to young love) and in April of 2010 Tim asked Sydney to go out with him. For the first couple years they were just goofy little kids, with some infatuation and it wasn't anything serious. However about halfway through high school they really started to feel something for one another, and they became committed and serious about their relationship. They both had then and still have today, a strong Faith in God and that allowed them to truly connected on a spiritual level. They were dedicated and wanted to build their relationship around God and His will for their lives. And when high school came to an end, they knew they had something truly special.

Tim lived at home for the first year of college here in Wisconsin and Sydney got a scholarship to play soccer in Ohio.The two of them were now apart for the first time. This was truly a challenging season in their relationship. It was hard and very difficult for both of them; however looking back, they both realized that God was working behind the scenes and putting all the things together for His plan. This time a part made it clear to them that were not meant to be away from each other. They were supposed to be on the same team and go through life as husband and wife. It was God's plan and they realized that. Sydney and Tim got engaged in the summer of 2016.  At this time, Sydney was back in Wisconsin and both were attending school at the University of Wisconsin Madison. They both knew there was a blueprint for them and they were excited to run the race together that the Lord had set before them.

As a couple, they are cute, loving and simple people. There's beauty in this simplicity though. They have only ever known the love for one other. There has never been others in our lives. Together they embrace many qualities that have cultivated their seven years together. They feel that their youthful start lends to their silly manner with one another, yet growing up together allows them to adapt and mature to the next stage in life. They truly feel like this can only be the creation of a divine plan.  A simple story of two people brought together by a loving God. 

The beauty of their relationship is that they relied on Faith. They didn't questioned it. They didn't run from it. They simply embraced His plan. For two young adults to realized this now, early in their lives, only means they are equipped for anything that the world can put in their way.  They know Who to call on, Who to pray to, Who to consult with and Who to praise...so everything is gonna be alright! To hear and type their story gives me a totally different kind of flutter in my heart and stomach. I know it's the Love of Christ!


Wisconsin Engagement Photography | Devil's Lake State Park | Baraboo, WI | Kaela + Matt | Engagement | Photos


Once you meet Kaela and Matt for the first time you instantly know there is nothing but pure unconditional love between them.  When we had our consultation, you could see how much Kaela adores Matt. By the little gestures and the way her eyes glow when she talks about him.  It is amazing how much Matt loves Kaela.  His eyes light up like the 4th of July when he looks at her, talks about her and hears her name. So I knew then there was going to be plenty of chemistry between the two for their engagement session and they didn't disappoint. Kaela and Matt chose Devil's Lake State Park located in Baraboo, WI as the backdrop for their engagement session. Their love for hiking made this the perfect setting for them. This has to be one of the most goregous state parks I've ever seen. It is filled with beautiful scenery from maples, rock paths and the beautiful lake itself. 


Here's a little love backstory about the couple...

Kaela and Matt met at a volunteer event for school in Virginia. At this event, the two were teaching kids about the sports in which they excelled in at Old Dominion University. (Matt was a wrestler and Kaela was a rower). So how I hear it, this is how the story goes...Kaela was leading a group of kids around when Matt happened to his lay eyes on her. When they made eye contact and Kaela smiled at Matt, there was a spark and just something in her smile that immediately got to Matt. He felt the spark right then and there.  Matt found a friend of his, who was teammate of Kaela's on the row team to inquire about who she was and if she was seeing anyone. The inquiry worked and his persistence paid off.  They met and started talking and  just hit it off from there. Shortly after their first encounter, they left for summer break, but remained in contact all throughout the summer.  Kaela and Matt met up and hung out the first day they both were back at school and from that point on they were pretty much inseparable. Once they graduated from ODU Matt knew he had a very special woman in his life. So when they decided to moved to Wisconsin, he made the biggest and best decision of his life by asking Kaela to be his wife a few months later after the move.

These two lovebirds are a pretty laid back couple, that enjoy doing things together like watching Netflix for hours on end, having a weekly game night with friends, climbing Mt. Elbert in Colorado and just spending a lot of time laughing at/making fun of each other.  I think Kaela and Matt knew we were right for each other from the very beginning.  They both have the same interest, morals, and likes. But most importantly they just love and enjoy each other all the time. There was something there, a link, a bond of some sort they drew them to each other that wont break. Their love for each other is like Noah and Allie from the notebook. It's a bond that will last to the end and beyond.  


Pawleys Island Community Church Wedding | Deava & Issac

What made this wedding so special is that Deava and Issac's love sustained a long distance relationship. Over half of the 3 years that they dated was long distance because Issac was serving our country in Afghanistan. They both credit their faith in God which gave them the strength to love each other so much and so strong during Deava's time in nursing school and Isaac being overseas all while trying to build on a new relationship. 

Deava and Issac did it, as some would say, the old fashioned Godly way. They relied on their Faith to keep them true to each other. They both have old souls and strong faith in Christ, that they wanted that part of them to show on their wedding day. So Issac requested to have their wedding in an all wood church. Pawleys Island Community Church Chapel was the perfect venue for them. With all the wood and rustic charm, PICC was idea for these two old souls. 

Deava even kept the vintage theme going with her dress with the Queen Anne neckline along with her late grandmother's diamond and gold necklace. She even made her birdcage veil for a little more touch of nostalgia. However, along with the vintage look she wanted to make sure her and Issac's faith was represented in the wedding as well. The groom and groomsmen's boutonnieres were crucifixes made from masonry nails and gold wire. The bridesmaids bouquets were made with flowers and family bibles.  

This ceremony was special because you simply could feel the love they had for each other but most importantly feel the love they had for GOD and their faith that sustained them during their relationship. So in closing I wish Deava and Issac the very best that life has to offer. They have certainly started this marriage on the right path.

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Happy Socks a Groom's second best friend

There is always that desire to be different and stylish at the same time for the groom and his boys at a wedding.  Some just dont want to be traditional and the trend over the last few years has been "rock the socks".  So let me introduce you to a company that I love. 

I was introduced to the sock company Happy Socks a few years back by my sister, believe it or not. She purchased a pair of red, white and blue polka dot socks and I feel in love with them. I've always was an argyle fan, but I wanted to step my sock game up to the next level and that is where Happy Socks came in. I now wear my funky, bright, eye popping colored socks to every wedding Blu Moose Photography photographs. You would be amazed at how many compliments I get on my socks. So soon-to-be-husbands if you want your sock game on point. You have to visit Happy Socks. They have all types of designs, color palettes, and funky eye catching styles. However Happy Socks is not just for the guys and they just don't sell socks. They have crazy socks for women as well as kids. So ladies if you want to spice it up and go against the grain, go ahead and get some crazy socks for you and your bridesmaids... and take a look at Happy Socks too. They are now in the underwear business. So you can actually match your undies to your feet.  


So this is a good way for the groom and/or bride to make their wedding a bright and unique wedding day and at the same time it can be wonderful wedding party gifts as well. Also you wedding photographer will love you for it!!! 

Until next time, Stay Happy....and Keep Smiling!!