Wedding Photography

Myrtle Beach Ocean Boulevard and Pawleys Island Engagement | Letsy & Herson

It's amazing when you are in the presence of true love. I was truly mesmerized by Letsy and Herson during their engagement session. The amount of love and joy they displayed was out of the world, and each time Letsy smiled you could simply feel the warmth of her love towards Herson. Every time Herson looked at Letsy you could see how much he loved and adored her soul. This was a pretty cool engagement session that was broken up into two parts.  We started at sunrise on Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach and finished up at Calendonia and Pawleys Island Point. If you never believed in soulmates, be around these two and then you will believe.

Thank you for allowing us to capture this glorious day and not letting the rain dampen your spirits.

Until next time...Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!!!

Charleston SC | The Vendue Boutique Art Hotel Wedding | Stevie & Jazz

What can I say about Stevie and Jazz? It's amazing how love works and stands the test of time.  These two were meant to be together. Stevie and Jazz have know each other since childhood and God wanted these two to be one.  They have such an amazing love for God, that this union was truly blessed before it ever came to be. They selected the perfect venue for their small intimate wedding. The Vendue located in historic downtown Charleston, SC is an absolutely amazing venue, especially for those small quaint intimate weddings. The art and decor throughout the museum-hotel is breathtaking. The Vendue was perfect for these two. Stevie and Jazz thank you for allowing us to capture this beautiful day for you and documenting the love you and your families have toward each other. May God continue to bless your union for a lifetime.

...Until next time Be Blessed, Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!

Chelsea + Ben Beach Church Wedding

Who says that coffee isn't good for you? Well don't tell Chelsea and Ben that. It was Starbucks where this gymnast and soldier first met and then it was love ever since. These two managed a long distance relationship when most would have just ended it, but they were determined to make sure that they kept the lines of communication open at all times to make it work. Ben's family took Chelsea in as one their own after she moved to the beach from NC. The one thing that kept them together during their times of long distance dating and still keeps this lovely couple grounded and happy is their absolute love for GOD. They are truly proud to say that He was the centerpiece of everything for them. We want to say congratulations to Chelsea and Ben and may God bless you two with many many years of love and marriage.

Until next time...Stay happy...Love life...and Keep smiling!


What I do, and why I do it...

I really don't write blogs about me personally. However I felt I needed to share my thoughts with you today about me and photography. This is pretty long but please take the time to read. 

Over the last couple of months I have been asked a few times "what made you decide to get in to photography?" Also, Ive been asked many many times "why do you want to be a wedding photographer? Isn't that a hectic job?" Before I give you the answer, let me say wasn't a decision to get into photography, it was a want, a desire, an absolute yearning. I feel when you decide or make a decision there is always another option. For me I felt there wasn't another option. Well let me put it this way...I wanted no other options, nothing else distracting me for what I felt was a true passion to photography. Some may describe it as a calling. I call it LOVE!! So if you or someone else asks me again "What made you decide to get in to photography?" My answer to you or them is simply LOVE.

I have always loved photography as a kid but was steered to another profession that my heart wasn't in to. I went to college for it, studied hard as I could and got a degree...and believe me that degree never panned out. However it is a nice feature piece in my office. :) Even throughout all the years in my life, photography was still always burning and yearning to be in the forefront. The love of this creative art finally just overwhelmed me one day and I made the leap.  Was it easy? NO! Was it tough? Absolutely! Is it still tough and hard to break into the business? YES! Do I regret my love for it? NEVER!!

I LOVE photography and it is as simple as that. Do I like getting paid for the images I create? Absolutely I do.  I still need to keep a roof over my family's head and provide the necessities for my family. However, that LOVE for being behind that camera is something special. My LOVE for photography and especially wedding photography is just like love for a person. My second paragraph sort of describes that LOVE, just substitute some things and switch around some words and you may get something like this....

...It's like that girl or guy back in the day that you felt that connection to or spark for but never did anything about it. You felt in down in your gut that that person was the one for you, but you allow others or other reasons steer you in another direction.  You go off to college and/or continue on with your life dating other people or simply living life...but that person is always in your thoughts. Then one day you are out there around town, in another city, at a party or whatever or somewhere and you see that person again. At that moment all those feelings you had for that person comes back tenfold and just floods your body, mind and soul and you make that leap.  You make that leap because you know this isn't a decision, you make that leap because you know there is no one else for you and you feel you need to do this and you two are meant to be. And you do it! Dry mouth, nervousness, sweaty palm and all, you take that leap to tell them how you really feel and felt all this time. They reciprocate the feeling and things move and it all works out. You are with the person of you knew was meant to be with and the person you LOVE. Will that relationship has it tough times? Probably. Will you two always see eye to eye on everything? No you will not. Will there be a time where you will have to fight hard for your relationship? Maybe. If all those things happened that I just described would you regret it or do it all over again? If you LOVE that person like I LOVE photography, you wouldn't regret it a bit and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I'm not saying this is how everyone falls in love with someone or something. I understand that. This is simply how I feel.  If I didn't take that leap how would I feel today? I would be always questioning this and that. Or asking myself what could have happened if I wouldn't have at least tried? The two words you don't ever want to say is "WHAT IF?".

I fell in LOVE like this before 3 times in my life and I will tell you in exact order.  I use to think that I fell in LOVE with my wife that way first but she was actually second. First I fell in LOVE with GOD that way. He gave me the LOVE that I knew as a kid and manifested it into a LOVE that I now have and cherish as an adult which brings me to #2. Second I truly fell in LOVE with my wife after GOD taught me how to LOVE the right way. This all happened after we were married. I always knew I loved her but this was a different kind of LOVE that GOD gave and allowed me to understand that I can't really put a finger on, but when you feel it you know it. We have not had the storybook and fairytale marriages that are portrayed sometimes on TV, but I THANK GOD for allowing me a second chance to meet her again after she went away a while after college.  This woman has supported me through so much in my life. Through both GOD and my wife's LOVE I fell in LOVE a third time and that was with photography. I know this maybe cheesy to some of you but to me this is what happened to me.

So this is why I cherish wedding and engagement photography, as well as couples photography. The idea of a two individuals taking that leap to marry each other and to love each other is so amazing to me. Having a photographer photograph them and freeze that moment in time is breathtaking and being a wedding and engagement photographer is not a job or work for is an absolute HONOR. As a wedding and engagement photographer you are allowed into a couple's intimate and private space. To me I love being a part of that. I love to capture those moments between two people where they basically forget about you (the photographer) being there and it is just them in that moment. Those are the images that made me fall in LOVE with wedding and engagement photography. When I capture an image and you hold the print in your hand or see that image in your album and it makes you instantly remember what he or she said to you in your ear to make you look at the them with endearment, or laughter or a glowing smile and make you realize why you fell in love with them the first place, I know I've done what I was suppose to do. That's my goal in the images that I capture. I LOVE what I do because I have a passion, a yearning, a calling so-to-speak to capture LOVE and freeze it in time. Why I do it is because, I want you to feel the same LOVE for your husband or wife when you look at the image of each other and know that just like my leap, your leap was well worth it.

Until we meet...Stay happy...Love life...and Keep smiling!!

The Surf Golf and Beach Club Wedding

I can't say enough about this wedding!  This was a day that was in the making for a long time. These sweethearts selected the perfect venue for their wedding celebration. With the Surf Golf and Beach Club serving as the backdrop for their wedding, and with love and happiness in the knew there was going to be a celebration. The ceremony on the green was spectacular and reception hall was gorgeous.  This lovely couple couldn't ask for more.

The Bride was absolutely stunning and the Bridesmaids were gorgeous! To be honest the entire wedding party was stunning. Beautiful venue along with beautiful people!

As for the rest of the wedding day at the Surf Golf and Beach Club...I will just let the images speak for themselves.

The reception was ONE BIG PARTY!! These guys had blast celebrating with their family and friends.  The bride and groom had some moves of their own too!

Beautiful day, beautiful venue, beautiful wedding, outstanding reception and a BEAUTIFUL COUPLE! Congrats to you both and I'm glad I could be a part of your day.

Until next time. Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!!

Also a big THANK YOU to my BEARDED BROTHA Jarrett Hucks for having me along beside him!

Devon & Austin Myrtle Beach Train Depot Wedding

Wedding photography is one of those professions that makes you realize how special life can be. Wedding photography allows a wedding photographer to capture images that a couple can love and look back on for years and years to come. It allows you to freeze in time two individuals love and dedication to each other... and a simple & unconditional love at that.  

This wedding provided that same feeling that was just described above.  Devon and Austin's love for each other manifested into something beautiful on their wedding day. Even though they kept their wedding simple and to the point, their love for each absolutely glowed throughout the day and the Myrtle Beach Train Depot provided the perfect background. We would like to say congratulations and also say thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

The Bells Hidden Acres Wedding

The Bells Hidden Acres Wedding The Couple-20.jpg

 The Bells are a couple that I was blessed to have the honor and opportunity to photograph from the beginning to end.  Sometimes as a wedding photographer you photograph a wedding without ever meeting the bride and groom until the wedding day.  But with Angelica and Brian I was able to photograph their engagement session, Angelica's bridal session and their wedding day.  This allowed me to really connect with them throughout one of the most important times in their lives.  I will have to say that Angelica and Brian made this so easy for me.  The love they had for each other is absolutely amazing and it is displayed in the images your are about to see. So enjoy the images from the engagement, bridal and as well as the wedding.


The engagement session was taken at the Conway Riverwalk in the quiet rivertown of Conway, SC.  The rustic backdrop for this engagement session was absolutely amazing for a sunrise e-session!

Angelica seems to be born to be in front of a camera.  Her amazing bridal session was photograph at Atalaya Castle at Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet, SC. We planned for a sunset bridal session and this made for an outstanding session.

Now the big day was here and the weather wasn't cooperating with the wedding. Luckily God decided to blessed the Bells wedding by stopping the rain just before the ceremony began and bring out the sunshine.  The Bells selected a great venue to start their new lives together. The wedding ceremony and reception was located at Hidden Acres in Marion, SC. It's beautiful rustic venue "hidden" inside of Marion County.

Bells, it was an absolute pleasure to document all of this for you. Congrats to you both on your marriage. May you be blessed with years of happiness.

Until next time...Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!!

Charleston Shem Creek Wedding

This wedding was a beautiful, simple and elegant event and this couple didn't let the weather conditions damper their spirits.  The ceremony was located on the dock underneath a tent just outside of the Shem Creek Inn just outside of Charleston, SC.  With winds gusting to around 25-35 mph and temperatures around 40 degrees with a wind chill of 32 degrees and with rain. As a wedding photographer, you know not expect everything to go your way. The weather tried to ruin the wedding, but the wedding went on. We capture great moments and despite the weather conditions everyone at the wedding had a huge smile on their face. Love warms the soul and this wedding didn't disappoint. Believe they all warmed up when it came to the reception.  Congrats to this lovely couple...and 'til next...Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!!

Andrale + Dorian Somerset Point Lake Moultrie Engagement Session

Can't say enough about Andrale and Dorian's engagement session at Somerset Point just outside of Moncks Corner, SC.  This couple kept you laughing the entire time.  They brought fun along with them as well as their daughter to be a part of the experience and special day.  That little girl was a hoot and full of energy. This engagement session took place at Lake Moutrie, a beautiful location to document two people's love for one another. This engagement session was a chilly one, but Andrale and Dorian made the experience warm and inviting.  Looking forward to the wedding.  Congrats on your engagement!!!