Myrtle Beach

God's Little Angel

I don't know where to even start with this blog.  There is always that story that you hear that simply moves you and melts your heart. This couple reached out to us last year following a fundraising event at Habitat for Humanity that we both participated in.  We had an expiration date on the services that they won in a the silent auction and it had already expired. But once I received Josh's email and in that email he briefly told me their story I knew I wanted to do this for them.  So we scheduled a date to meet in February of this year and hearing their story at that meeting from both Suzanne and Josh I was almost brought to tears. Their story goes from being heartbreaking to a beautiful new chapter that is about to unfold. Here are few images of their maternity session at the beautiful Calendonia Golf and Fish Club in Pawley's Island. 

As for their story of God's little angel, I will let them tell you themselves...Listen to Suzanne and Josh as they share their story of heartbreak and joy as they are about to welcome little Miss Tenley Brooks into this world.

If you know of anyone who have or is struggling with this type of loss in their lives share this with them to let them know that they are not alone. That they can feel joy again and maybe share their story with others. We never know what God has in store for us and your struggles could one day help others. However,  I can tell you that He will not give you anything you can't handle. 

God Bless You Suzanne and Josh and THANK YOU for allowing us to tell your story. Until next time...Be Blessed, Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!!!

Many thanks goes to:

Taylor Sparks for makeup and hair and Kevin Dunbar of Media by KD.

Myrtle Beach Ocean Boulevard and Pawleys Island Engagement | Letsy & Herson

It's amazing when you are in the presence of true love. I was truly mesmerized by Letsy and Herson during their engagement session. The amount of love and joy they displayed was out of the world, and each time Letsy smiled you could simply feel the warmth of her love towards Herson. Every time Herson looked at Letsy you could see how much he loved and adored her soul. This was a pretty cool engagement session that was broken up into two parts.  We started at sunrise on Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach and finished up at Calendonia and Pawleys Island Point. If you never believed in soulmates, be around these two and then you will believe.

Thank you for allowing us to capture this glorious day and not letting the rain dampen your spirits.

Until next time...Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!!!

Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort and Spa at Grande Dunes Wedding | Asia & Albert

Asia and Albert hail from the midwest, just outside Indianapolis a matter of fact. These two were college sweethearts that allowed their infatuation for each other to blossom into an amazing love.  Both families knew right from the start that they were meant to be with each other and both families loved Asia and Albert like they were already a part of the family. Their friends were going to make sure that Asia and Albert were gonna be together no matter what. They had a ton of support and love behind them.

So how do you treat the family and friends that loved you so much for so long before you even popped the plan an amazing wedding and at an amazing venue in Myrtle Beach. With friends and family from the low country and the Midwest, Asia and Albert planned the perfect wedding at the amazing Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort and Spa at Grande Dunes to get married and start their new life together as husband and wife.

With love in the air and laughter and smiles all around, the ceremony was full of emotion, stories, reflection and unwavering love and support.  We thank Asia and Albert for allowing us to be there to capture their special moments and we wish you two a lifetime of love, happiness and laughter.

Thanks to E Designs for the amazing design and decor and Arnetta Scruggs of Chosen 1 Productions for the coordination of the wedding day. Thank you ladies for your amazing work!


Chelsea + Ben Beach Church Wedding

Who says that coffee isn't good for you? Well don't tell Chelsea and Ben that. It was Starbucks where this gymnast and soldier first met and then it was love ever since. These two managed a long distance relationship when most would have just ended it, but they were determined to make sure that they kept the lines of communication open at all times to make it work. Ben's family took Chelsea in as one their own after she moved to the beach from NC. The one thing that kept them together during their times of long distance dating and still keeps this lovely couple grounded and happy is their absolute love for GOD. They are truly proud to say that He was the centerpiece of everything for them. We want to say congratulations to Chelsea and Ben and may God bless you two with many many years of love and marriage.

Until next time...Stay happy...Love life...and Keep smiling!


Devon & Austin Myrtle Beach Train Depot Wedding

Wedding photography is one of those professions that makes you realize how special life can be. Wedding photography allows a wedding photographer to capture images that a couple can love and look back on for years and years to come. It allows you to freeze in time two individuals love and dedication to each other... and a simple & unconditional love at that.  

This wedding provided that same feeling that was just described above.  Devon and Austin's love for each other manifested into something beautiful on their wedding day. Even though they kept their wedding simple and to the point, their love for each absolutely glowed throughout the day and the Myrtle Beach Train Depot provided the perfect background. We would like to say congratulations and also say thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

Charleston Shem Creek Wedding

This wedding was a beautiful, simple and elegant event and this couple didn't let the weather conditions damper their spirits.  The ceremony was located on the dock underneath a tent just outside of the Shem Creek Inn just outside of Charleston, SC.  With winds gusting to around 25-35 mph and temperatures around 40 degrees with a wind chill of 32 degrees and with rain. As a wedding photographer, you know not expect everything to go your way. The weather tried to ruin the wedding, but the wedding went on. We capture great moments and despite the weather conditions everyone at the wedding had a huge smile on their face. Love warms the soul and this wedding didn't disappoint. Believe they all warmed up when it came to the reception.  Congrats to this lovely couple...and 'til next...Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!!

Andrale + Dorian Somerset Point Lake Moultrie Engagement Session

Can't say enough about Andrale and Dorian's engagement session at Somerset Point just outside of Moncks Corner, SC.  This couple kept you laughing the entire time.  They brought fun along with them as well as their daughter to be a part of the experience and special day.  That little girl was a hoot and full of energy. This engagement session took place at Lake Moutrie, a beautiful location to document two people's love for one another. This engagement session was a chilly one, but Andrale and Dorian made the experience warm and inviting.  Looking forward to the wedding.  Congrats on your engagement!!!

Angelica+Brian Engagement Photo Session/Shoot

Angelica+Brian Engagement Photo Session/Shoot

Angelica and Brian's Engagement Photo Shoot

Myrtle Beach Train Depot Wedding Photographer | Myrtle Beach, SC

Oh the Myrtle Beach Train Depot Wedding.  This wedding was AWESOME!! Bright colors, good music and a Pastor taking a selfie with the couple right after the kiss!! Fun fun and more fun was this wedding.  I had the opportunity to work with the BEAUTIFUL Feuza Reis on this wedding. This lady knows how to work a wedding. By working with her she taught me a lot but one thing stands out...CONFIDENCE.  She owns it and works it.  It was an honor to work with her.

Getting back to this wedding...this was a fun loving, party atmosphere.  They were there to celebrate, and celebrate they did.  From the time you walked in, the mood is set to instill fun into your brain. From walking past the coolest looking photo booth that resembles an old school karaoke machine, to coming up the steps into the Depot and seeing a table full of colorful candy and goodies, with the addition of the colorful decor on the tables and the string lights swaying from the ceiling and the DJ booth in the corner, you know there was a good vibe going on. And the ladies that attended this wedding knew how to "wobble, wobble"! Colorful ceremony, colorful people, great dancing and a good ole time at the Train Depot!  Thank you again Feuza for allowing me to work with you.  It was an honor and I look forward to the next one with you!

PS--Beware of the Love Potion #9 drink.  That thing has a Kick!!