Monday After Masters

Monday after the Masters with the Caddy Girls

Two years ago I attended the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta when Bubba won.  I got a few pics of Phil, Rory, Ricky and even Tiger...but two years later Bubba has the Green Jacket again. This time I feel I won. Why you may ask? Well let me tell you. On April 14th I had the opportunity to be at the famous Monday after the Masters Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament in Myrtle Beach founded by Hootie and the Blowfish. It's a great charitable event held in Myrtle Beach for the past 20 years. The atmosphere at this event is fun and a lot more loose than the Masters and any other golfing event that I've ever attended, believe me when I say that. However it is an absolute blast to be there.  You get to see celebrities, sports figures and professional golfers and one more very important group of individuals...The Caddy Girls.

These girls are absolutely amazing and fun to be around. So I was there assisting a great Myrtle Beach photographer (Mr. Smallin) and our job was to follow the Myrtle Beach Caddy Girls around and basically document their day at Monday After the Masters. They drew so much attention due to their vibrant, fun, outgoing and contagious spirits.  And not to forget they are freakin gorgeous as well.  There was nothing to dislike about this group of beautiful strong women...unless you were another woman there at the event.  These ladies engaged with the patrons and the celebrities on golf course and brought many many smiles to faces throughout the day. So if the you ever get the chance to attend the Monday After the Masters event, do so, it is a GREAT TIME. As for the Myrtle Beach Caddy Girls I won't go into much more detail but I will say this...if you guys ever get a chance to see or meet or even hire the Caddy Girls, DO IT!!! You will not regret it!!