Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club Wedding | Alex and Joel

This wedding was amazing, fun and energetic from start to finish.  Alex and Joel's wedding didn't disappoint at all. From the shower high fives to tears of joy to the groom's father doing push ups, this Pawleys Island wedding was a blast. The ceremony took place at the rustic Pawleys Island Community Church Chapel and the night ended at Pawleys Island Golf and Country Club. Two great venues for two outstanding people. We wish Alex and Joel many blessings and happiness for years to come.

Wild Dunes Resort Wedding Photographer | Isle of Palms, SC | Charleston, SC

This wedding was one of my very first as a second shooter.  I was given an opportunity to second shoot for Patrick Hall of Patrick Hall Weddings and Fstoppers out of Charleston South Carolina. This really was one of those hail mary type of situations. I had watch Patrick Hall and Lee Morris many Youtube snippets from their tutorial "How to Become a Wedding Photographer" and many other videos they had out there. I simply admired their story on how they ultimately became wedding photographers.  It intrigued me so much (and I really wanted to get into the industry) that I emailed Lee Morris.  And behold...he emailed back to say to give him a call when he was back in town. So I called him and he told me he didn't have anything at the time but to give Patrick a ring. So I did. And behold...Patrick answered...we spoke...we emailed back and forth...he gave me an opportunity...and the rest is history!!  Basically sometimes just taking a chance, a shot in the dark pays off. I am grateful for the courtesy and opportunity that both Lee and Patrick shown and gave me. As I said in a previous blog...it does pay to be a second shooter!


So to the wedding...this was an amazing beach wedding at the Wild Dunes Resort in the Isle of Palms just outside of the beautiful historic city of Charleston SC.  Is was such a gorgeous occasion but it was soooo humid that day. But believe me, the experience was worth every bead of sweat that day. The bride was beautiful and the groom was as cool and calm as the other side of the pillow (props to Stuart Scott). A nice little music ensemble that just fit the mood perfectly. The guests were so polite and beautiful as well.  It just made for a perfect day for a wedding.

Even though the bride and groom were a beautiful couple, the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer were just as gorgeous.  Those two were filled with so much cuteness and energy that they couldn't help but be the center of attention at times. But the love that you saw in the eyes of the bride and groom was infectious. They way they looked at each other just made you wish it was your day exchanging vows.

Great ceremony, awesome food at the reception and loving people made it a day to remember. Congrats to these two!!


PS- Thank you so much for this opportunity Patrick...dude you have no clue how much that meant to me!!

Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club Wedding

In September I had the opportunity to photograph a few weddings as a second shooter (I blogged on the perks of being a second shooter previously) which prepared me to shoot my first wedding as a lead photographer. This particular wedding here at Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club had me nervous a little because I was a second shooter for a friend, mentor and former teacher Keith Jacobs. So believe me, I was sweatin' bullets a little. So as you can tell from a few of the photos posted here, I was in charge of staying with the groom and groomsmen. Which was fine for me and also a learning experience, because I always felt I connected with the females better anyway(because I am a ladies man...yeah right...I'm a nerd). But any-who, this gave me an opportunity to photograph a group of guys that I have never ever had a chance to meet or even speak to. This opportunity gave me a chance to learn different ways to communicate with my species. Let me tell you this...these guys were awesome and it made my day go so much better than I thought. They were laid back and relaxed and ready to go. The jokes, stories and impersonations that went on were hilarious. The entire day was AWESOME, but that had to be the fastest ceremony I have ever seen in my life. Literally 5-7 mins long. It was over in a blur.  But again...awesome day + awesome guys + awesome couple = a great day of photography!