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He's a cool dude...

Jarrett at Work

He's a cool dude...and NO I'm not talking about myself.  But I do think I'm an OK guy.  At least that's what my momma tells me.  But I am referring to the individual that shot this photo of me.  (I'm the dude at the bottom of the page) Mr. Jarrett Hucks of Myrtle Beach SC. (The guy pictured above talking to the bride.) I recently met Jarrett by just responding to one of his assistance needed requests in one of our local photography Facebook groups. We spoke via Facebook and then met face to face the day prior to the wedding to talk about my experience and background a little.  And then he offered me the gig and I accepted. And from the start I knew he was a cool dude. Jarrett is one of those fellas that has a smooth, calm, confident demeanor about himself. (And cool hair too...LOL!) He is a guy that once you get to know him, you can't help but have respect for him; on the flip side of that, once he knows you, he will help you out as much as possible, and its rare to find people like that anymore. And from what I hear (not experience, but heard) that it is hard to find people like that in the photography industry. For me...so far so good.  I have met, crossed paths and worked for some amazing photographers with great personalities so far. But it's hard for me to see this guy not being a great guy to be around.  Jarrett has given me a lot of advice in this short period of knowing each other.  The one piece of advice that he has given that truly helped and stuck with me, was the advice he gave me just before my 1st wedding as a lead photographer.  I asked him if he had any tips to give me and all he said was "be confident and own it and you will do fine." That single piece of advice stuck with me the entire time during my first wedding and when I got a little frazzled at times I just remembered what he said and I was ok!

So Jarrett thanks for the opportunity and friendship you have given me. You are truly a cool dude!!

photo taken by Jarrett Hucks of JH Photo

photo taken by Jarrett Hucks of JH Photo