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Hi Future #brides and #grooms!! It's been a while since I posted something for Throwback/Tips Wedding Saturday. I've been working my tail off at weddings, engagement sessions and some styled shoots. Also when I wasn't behind the camera I was in front of the computer or on a plane. So it's been a little hectic lately; however, in a great way! So for #tbws I know some of you brides and grooms are getting married today or next Saturday or in the not so distant future, and you are strolling thru Instagram right now looking inspiration or trying to keep your mind occupied. You may have some nervous tension going on or even some doubts. I know, it's a huge step you are about to make in your life. My tip to you is to simply take a deep breath and remember why you love the person that you agreed to marry or proposed to. Take a stroll down memory lane. Take yourself back to that first time you saw each other, now to that first kiss. You remember that joy you felt. Now go back to that first "I'm in love smile". That smile is what causes the butterflies and the heart palpitations. That smile causes you to see that she or he is looking at you in a way that you have never noticed before. And that smile is filling your heart up with so much love. You are not only seeing it, you are feeling it too. That's what I want you to remember. That's the same "I'm in love smile" that you saw back then, you will see during your first look or the first time seeing each other as he or she is coming down the aisle, and that same smile will show itself again during that intimate first dance when there are ton of people watching you, but all you will see is the your love of your life in front of you. So don't have any doubts, you love them and they love you. That love is all in that smile.