Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer | Advice for the Groom | Guys Relax and Enjoy!!


Wassup guys! I've been a little quiet this week. I was trying to catch-up with some work. But today is Saturday and I didn't want to miss my chance to talk to the guys today! But first, to all the brides and grooms I say congratulations on your big day today. May you be blessed with many years of happiness.


I'm gonna keep it short and sweet today. So on this #tbws (Throwback Wedding Saturday) it's about the men of the day. Sometimes on wedding a photographer walks into the room or wherever the groom and groomsmen maybe and find there is a nervous and stiff groom on  gameday (aka wedding day 😂) and your a few groomsmen maybe the same way. Remember it's your wedding day! A day of love, a day of fulfillment and a day of extreme celebration!! So don't let the day get to you guys. You are all together with your buddies, homies, buds, your brothers from other mothers. Let your personalities show and flourish! Be yourselves, drink beer and be loud! Believe me when I say this, the bridesmaids are going to have fun and a day to remember!! Enjoy the and have fun and celebrate with you best buds!!