Downtown Conway SC High School Senior Session | Mattie

"Her smile lights up a room, but her heart ignites your soul."

If you ever met or get a chance to meet Mattie, you will know instantly that she is beautiful on the outside, but absolutely stunning on the inside.  Her faith and love for God is so amazing and such a young age, and her willingness to help others is like no other.  Mattie had a verse that she had posted to an image on Instagram that described her and her heart perfectly. It was Romans 12:10. "Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves."  That it what I've seen in Mattie over the last year. This describes her perfectly. 

As you look through these images of her you would never guess that Mattie is pretty reserve. However when you have a photographer like myself do something very embarrassing in the beginning of your session that immediately breaks the ice, you have no choice but to have fun after that. ~Mattie you better keep that secret too :) What was amazing to see take place is that she just relaxed and decided to let it all go and enjoy herself. She was Mattie that mostly family gets to see.  So we had a blast on the streets of Historic Downtown Conway.

So what I won't say to you Mattie is that I wish you the best...why...because I don't need to, God has your path laid out for you already and believe me it is nothing but the best of things to come. As long as Romans 12:10 is in your heart you will be just fine. What I will say to you is...thank you for allowing me to capture your smile as well as your fun and loving soul in these images. Enjoy your senior year and Keep on bein' Mattie!!

...Until next time Be Blessed, Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!

My Little Homie

This blog post is something a little different for me. I decided to briefly talk about one of my dear friends...Heather.  She is what most people who do not know her would possibly call awkward or weird. But I call her beautiful, special and my little homie. You will never ever meet a person like this in your life.  Heather gives you that little jolt of life that every one needs. She has what she calls "charisma" (which is one of her many many many favorite ways to describe herself) but it's what I call inner beauty. She adds joy, randomness, beauty and tons and tons of humor into your life. She has brighten my day plenty of times and she may not even know it. Heather is a very special person (and not the "special" that she hates) and this world needs more people like her...but I don't know if we could handle all that CHARISMA!!! 

Below are some images from a day that we were playing around with the camera. Maybe this will shed some light on what I see in her!