Atalaya Castle | Huntington Beach State Park | Murrells Inlet SC | Wedding

Christina and Enrique were two shy individuals, introduced to each other by mutual friends in high school at ages 14 and 16. They were so shy in fact, that when they met each other they really didn't speak at all.  Luckily, their friends stepped in to get the conversation started and nudge them in the right direction. Guess what...?  The encouragement worked and two weeks later Enrique asked Christina out and "the rest is history" as they say.  Young love was starting to grow and their story was beginning without them even knowing.

In high school, Enrique was on the soccer team and Cristina knew and appreciated his dedication to the team.  She made it her goal to go to every match, without fail, to see him play.  She was so determined to make every game that Enrique's teammates remarked how lucky he was because Cristina had made such a commitment to attend.  A commitment that they hadn't experienced with their own girlfriends.  The two were truly high school sweethearts!

Enrique and Cristina had a very unique bond that strengthened their relationship as time marched on.  The bond they share is that of immigrant backgrounds. Even though there are cultural differences, Cristina being of Italian decent and Enrique being of Mexican descent, there were also similarities that allowed them to relate to each other on a deeper level. They identified with each other's struggles that they have encountered in their lives.  Being immigrants, they understand that the lives they live may be a bit different than those of other Americans. This unique bond truly makes these two inseparable.

Cristina and Enrique love participating in outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking and playing soccer.  This cute couple loves being one with nature, so much so that their goal is to travel to as many National Nature Parks as possible in their lifetime. Cristina and Enrique even grow fruits and vegetables every spring and summer. They are striving to have their own farm one day!  They are interested in making their own natural products and possibly starting a small business to offer those products to others. They have tremendous love for food, drink (tequila) and family!.  While meeting with Enrique and Cristina, it was evident that they had a strong sense of family.  Atalaya Castle was perfect venue for them, allowing for an intimate ceremony outside of the castle walls.  Cristina and Enrique wanted something that was family oriented and part of nature; they picked the perfect place! The love that was spread throughout the ceremony was something to see! Two families from different backgrounds came together as one, blessing these two beautiful young people! There were so many hugs, smiles, laughter and tears that it was hard not to feel the emotion.  With a castle in front of you and the ocean behind you, Atalya Castle at Huntington Beach State Park was the perfect location for Cristina and Enrique's next chapter in their love story.