Where is Spring???

Well it is almost April and it is still cold and windy and wet here in Myrtle Beach.  This weather has simply slowed down a lot of things but it is fun to be able to get out in the elements too.  But it has to SUCK for the spring breakers that came to Myrtle Beach. However, I still see some crazy kids getting in the ice cold water.  To be young and "courageous"...God I miss those days at times. But the lack of warmth with this sunshine kinda makes you think that if winter has lasted this long here and has been this cold for us at the Beach, how hot will the summer be.  I truly think that Myrtle Beach will have no spring, we are going to simply go straight from winter into summer. But can I really complain, can I really compare our weather to what is going on in the northeast and midwest...I can't.  Those guys have had soooo much brutal cold weather and snow and they seem to have no end to the madness.  I love those northeast and midwest cities and they have tons and tons more to offer than Myrtle Beach at times, but it is refreshing to know that I can step outside get in my car and let it warm up and drive off without getting out a snow blower or snow shovel.  But in weather like this you get to see and experience some crazy things. So embrace the weather because there isn't crap we can do about it.


Go out there and snap a pic of something because everything is beautiful.

The Moose