My Family

Recently I have been able to enjoy more time with my family. With me making a career change last year to photography and real estate from Management, this change has allowed me to see what I have been truly missing.  I'm not saying I don't have a busy schedule now, but at times I get to dictate my schedule some and it's lovely. No more of the day to day conference calls, reports, managing staff members and just the day to day grind of retail management.  Customer service is what I had loved the most about the retail industry but being a salaried employee for "Tha Man" has it's pros and cons. One of the cons have been family time...well the lack of.  It's been awesome to spend time with love ones and even reconnect with old friends and actually do things with them. I want to enjoy life and make a living at the same time and photography has allowed me to do that.  So thank my God for my limited talent behind the camera and His ability to make me better each and everyday with photography.  With that blessing from Him he has allowed me to spend more time with the great people in my family and friends.