Angelica+Brian Engagement Photo Session/Shoot

This engagement session was pretty AWESOME! But we had to work at it a little to get it together due to the weather.  The original session day we had scheduled was in a beautiful location for a great sunset shoot, but the weather did not cooperate with us.  It rained, rained and rained some more. So we had to try for the next day at sunrise before more rain moved into the area. We tried it and it worked out for us.  Together we managed to create great images for Angelica+Brian's engagement session at the Historic Conway Riverwalk and Marina in Downtown Conway.

Working with Angelica+Brian was an absolute pleasure.  When two individuals love each other as much as these two, your job as a photographer is easy.  They were naturals at this.  There wasn't a lot of directing these two. Their love just did all the work and I was simply there to capture the moments.  Love like this is why I love my job!! It shows, it's effortless, it's pure and it's beautiful to witness.  As a photographer you only hope for sessions like this and most of all people like this.  You are just there to freeze in time their moments of love. 

Beautiful couple, beautiful love, beautiful area and a beautiful time!! I wish you guys the best and I am blessed that you allowed me to capture these moments for you!

Click on the photos to enlarge them for better viewing.