Welcome Kylin Mae Maternity Session

This was a session that was very special to me as well as the couple I was photographing. This was my first couple/maternity shoot. It happened to be with an AWESOME couple Josiah and Alyse.  When I was first approached about this session I was all for it. But then Josiah threw me a curveball.  He said he wanted to do the shoot at the La Belle Amie Vineyard. I honestly didn't know we had a winery on the Grand Strand.  Thank God he made me aware of this because this place was beautiful.

I've know Josiah for quite some time, but never met his better half Alyse.  When I first met her I knew she was an awesome woman. She had a strong presence about herself and love in her heart.  The day of the shoot really surprised me.  This was the first time I was able to see Alyse's eyes.  The first time we met she was wearing sunglasses, but to see her eyes would make any photographer happy.  She smiles, she shows her emotion, she loves with her eyes.  Alyse's eyes are truly windows into her soul, and is was awesome to be able to photograph someone like that again (Angelica+Brian).  

Josiah and Alyse also made this shoot so fun to do.  These two are truly comedians.  The things these two said and the faces they made were awesome. I truly wish I could show you some of the very hilarious facial expressions they made a times, but I promised Alyse that I wouldn't post them.  Take my word for it...they were epic!!  I also learn one thing from this session...when you are shooting at a vineyard, remember to bring insect repellent.  I walked away from this session with about 20-30 mosquito bites.

Getting back to this session...this shoot was to document there love for upcoming Kylin Mae. Like I said before, I've known Josiah for a long time and then meeting Alyse assures me that this little girl will be loved and well taken care of.  The love these two have for each other will definitely be injected into Kylin. She will be loving, strong and beautiful, that's if she takes after her mom!!  LOL Josiah.  Seriously, with her daddy's drive, heart and love for people and her mom's strength and beauty. Kylin will be beautiful inside and out!!

Congrats to you Josiah and Alyse!  I can't wait to meet Kylin Mae next year!!