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Happy 4th of July everyone!!

What a wedding day Betsy and Tim had!! This was such a laid back wedding atmosphere with an intimate vibe along  with an high energy reception at Madison's downtown modern hotel HotelRed. Betsy prepared for her wedding in one of the gorgeous modern suites with tons of her friends and sorority sisters around. While Tim prepared downstairs with his lifelong buddies. 

From awesome cake pops, tasty beverages and amazing food Betsy and Tim wanted this day to be remembered as a true celebration with friends and family.  The Wise provided amazing food and drinks. There were love and smiles all throughout the day and night.  The Ecolimes provided amazing music all night long.  Betsy and Tim we were honored to capture your wedding day and we wish you years of love and happiness!


Venue // HotelRed

Florist // J. Kinney Florist

Cake & Desserts // The Wise at HotelRed

Catering // The Wise at HotelRed

Band // EcoLimes

HAMU // Lovely Elegance

Jewelry // Olive Avenue Jewelery, Wedding Bands by SoHa Diamonds

Dress // Vera's Bridal

Bride's Shoes // Aldo

Groom's Attire // Fine Line Custom Attire

Event Rental Co // Event Essentials

Second Shooter // Melissa Grace

Holy Hill and Schauer Arts Center | Hartford, WI Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photos | Heather & Derek

Happy July 4th EVE everyone!!!

Heather and Derek's wedding day full of laughter and fun. It was so light hearted and overflowing with love.  A beautiful ceremony just outside of Milwaukee in Hartford, WI at Divine Savior Lutheran Church. Then from there we made our way to the majestic Holy Hill for bridal party and bride and groom photos. The grounds there are amazing and make for a beautiful backdrop. Heather was stunning in her Oleg Cassini dress from David's Bridal.

Heather and Derek had the celebration at Schauer Arts Center where they laughed with family and friends and danced the night away with music from Carter Events and Entertainment. Mr and Mrs Brown THANK YOU for having us along for the ride!!!

PS I did miss seeing Callie!!



Ceremony // Divine Savior Lutheran Church

Reception // Schauer Arts Center

Day Of Coordinator // Jessica Helmer

Cake & Desserts // Baked By Beans

Floral // Nicole Butler of Diamond Vu Floral

DJ // Carter Events and Entertainment

HAMU // Salon Effervescence

Catering // Country Catering 

Dress Shop // David's Bridal

Dress // Oleg Cassini

Rings // Erffmeyer & Son Co Inc

Groom & Groomsmen Attire // Amelishan Bridal

Transportation // Milwaukee Trolley - DMI Limousine Service, Inc.

Bridal Party/Couple Photo Location // Holy Hill National Shrine of Mary, Help of Christians

Favors & Gifts // Popcorn Bar- Knights Popcorn

Second Shooter // Melissa Grace Photography

Assistant // Hailey Amber Photography



Olbrich Botanical Gardens | Madison, WI Wedding Photographer | Engagement | Photos

Aly and Mike love Iowa a weird amount. Maybe because Aly was Miss Iowa in 2014 or because Mike loves eating Hy-Vee Chinese food, but mostly because their stories intersected at the University of Iowa in 2011. Mike and Aly met first as part of the same scholarship program and started dating in their sophomore year of college in 2013 after Mike impressed Aly about playing the tuba in high school. 

They now live in Madison, Wisconsin where Mike is in medical school at the University of Wisconsin Madison and Aly works in Implementation Services at Epic. They share a passion for the state of Iowa and a love for hiking, family, reading, Mike's mustache, Game of Thrones, and for each other. 

Mike and Aly will soon be heading to the next journey as Mike finishes medical school in 2019 and heads into a medical residency. The years and distance from Iowa change with time, but Mike and Aly are extremely excited to head into marriage. 

Mepkin Abbey Moncks Corner, SC Wedding Photographer | Alyse & Matt Engaged

From the Moose: 

Alyse and Matt chose a picturesque location for their engagement photos called Mepkin Abbey in Moncks Corner, SC. From the Spanish moss, lush greenery and live oaks, this location just screamed "Southern Love". We even had a little visit from an alligator during the session. You can see it on the left hand side of the photo above. Alyse and Matt will say their vows next march in Virginia and the venue they have chosen there is just as amazing.  It was a blast to capture these two and I wish them the very best that life has for them  in the future.


From the Bride to Be:

Matt and I started out as friends. We worked together and always hung out as just friends. Then one day that all changed and I started to see him differently. Matt constantly made me smile and laugh. Slowly I started to developed a little crush on him. I went through a lot becauseI was a single mom and always feared no one would accept me for who I was, but Matt did. He was different than anybody I had dated before. I could without a doubt be myself around him, and he was the sweetest man I had ever met. One night I invited him to come have a drink with me, and he did! Later on I found out he had gotten out of bed to do so... which I thought was super sweet. Everything changed after that night. Which is why our first dance song is, “it all started with a beer” we took things slow, but after 4 months we made things official as we were head over heels for each other. We built a relationship on top of our friendship, and it was a strong one. We then faced a challenge of having to do long distance for a year. It was tough, but we knew the end result would be worth it. Once that year was over, we moved in together without hesitation. He continues to be the most loving, selfless, and most caring man I have ever met. Matt has also been so incredibly amazing with my daughter and it makes my heart so happy and full. Right before Christmas last year, Matt asked me to marry him. For one of the first times in my life, I didn’t have to think or question something. I knew a long time ago, and so did he, that we would spend the rest of our lives together. I absolutely cannot wait until next March when we say I do. Then the journey really begins!

Tenney Park Ice Rink | Madison, WI | Engagement Photographer | Stacey + Matt Engaged


From me, the photographer:

Many times I ask my couples tell or give me their stories on how they met, when they know the other person was the one for them and how they got engaged. Stacy provided me with the perfect story.  It's a little longer than usual but I truly urge you to read it to the end. This is Stacy and Matt to a T. 

I've truly have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing couples since moving to Wisconsin and Stacy and Matt is right there at the top. It will be hard to meet such a cute, adorable down to earth couple like these two. Thank you Stacy and Matt for introducing me to Karben 4 and Ice Skating.  Even though I didn't skate, it still was impressive to see a southern guy like myself standing on a frozen pond.  We just don't do that in da south! Also I thank you for allowing me to find new friends like yourselves.  Congrats!!


From the Bride to be:

My friend Kayla knew Matt from Michigan Tech College.  I was having a 30th birthday party here in Madison, and she asked if she could invite her friend Matt. He was new to Madison area.  So of course I said yes. Matt met us out that night, however we didn't talk much.  The next day Kayla said I should add him on Facebook and be his friend here since he didn't know anyone yet.  All while playing matchmaker, she was telling him that he should date her 30 year old friend in Madison. 

So soon Matt messaged me on Facebook and we swapped phone numbers.  We had decided to go grab a beer one Sunday afternoon, however when Sunday came I didn't feel like going out; so I invited him to my apartment.  I didn't think much of the situation so I didn't dress up, put on makeup and decided to stay in my comfy sweats.  Like I said, I didn't think it would turn into anything, so I didn't put in any effort into my appearance LOL.  He came over and was the perfect guy. Matt stayed until 10pm that night.  We had great conversation, he was so easy to talk to, and I felt super comfortable with him.

Matt asked to hang out a few more times, and I kept turning him down, making up excuses.  (I had recently sworn off men, and decided to become an old cat lady.)  I had just gotten out of a relationship a few months back, and I wasn't looking for anything.  I was scared to open up to anyone again.  I did however felt bad, because he was persistent and kept trying. He truly hung in there and I was trying to find excuse after excuse not to like him...I was telling myself that maybe  he was ugly, he was mean, this and that.  But I simply couldn't come up with a reason NOT to like him!!  

Finally I decided to give him a chance.  Our mutual friend Kayla, was graduating from Michigan Tech and invited us both up to come to her graduation party.  I was sooooo trying to drive up alone, but Matt insisted we drive together.  It was a 5 hour drive, and our first one at that.  He picked me up, and I hadn't had coffee yet and everyone who knows me, know that I am not pleasant without my coffee.  Matt stopped at a Starbucks for me and I became very pleasant and chatty after that!  However, I did have to make him stop to pee at least 6 times on the way up LOL!

The night of the graduation party we drank together, played music for everyone and just enjoying ourselves and having a hoot.  At the end of the night Matt said he was going to jump in the lake. Needless to say this was in the winter.  So I called him to make sure he wasn't going to actually do that, and we ended up talking for 4 hours long that night.  After that trip there was something special there and we started spending more and more time together. So Matt and I made it official in July 2015. 

I am still amazed to this day of how this happened and why did he put up with me making up all those excuses and kind of blowing him off? There were so many times that he could have easily given up, so I asked him one day and he said... "there were always just something about me, and that's why he simply could not up." I don't remember when he finally told me he loved me, but he did say it first.  I had to go on a work trip to Atlanta, and when we were apart for that week, that's when I knew I loved him, but didn't tell him.  I had to wait for him to tell me first!! 

My Grandma saved a ring for me, to use for our engagement.  We had talked about getting married already, and I said we could save money by using this beautiful family heirloom.  I gave it to him in November of 2016.  

Our proposal is special, because... it's us in a nutshell.  So on the Monday afternoon April 24th 2017 we had decided to go for a run down by the Terrace. And weeellll I was a little HANGRY that afternoon!  The Terrace is one of our favorite places in Madison.  I found out later that Matt wanted to propose at Picnic Point in Madison. He tried to get me to run all the way to Picnic Point, but I just couldn't make it. It's something like 5 miles! So we had to turn back, and he said let's just get a beer at the Terrace then.  He didn't say let's walk out to Picnic Point, or try really hard to get me out there.  We got a beer, and sat out on an empty pier by the Hoofer's Club.  I called my Dad to chat about the upcoming Crazylegs race.  At this point Matt was scared and getting a bit antsy, because my Dad is a bit of a chatty Kathy, and he was wondering if he was going to get his chance to propose.  I finally got off the phone with my Dad and I was asking where we were going to go to eat, because it was getting late.  (By this time it's was almost 6pm and we still had to walk back to our apartment and I must say, I am sort of a Grandma, and like to be in bed by 8pm on work nights.)  So then I started to get antsy.  He was telling me "just sit here and enjoy the sunset with your boyfriend."  Another 10 minutes passed, and well yea, HANGER was kicking in full force.  I stood up and said "we need to eat, we need to figure out where we are going."  He told me to sit back down, and wait 5 more minutes.  He started saying "do you want to get married at the Terrace?" I said, "sure, we can get married here, we can figure that out later, let's go"  He then said, "do you want to get engaged at the Terrace?" I said, "yea sure if that's what you want to do in the near future" as I am starting to stand once more, he said "no, I mean right now" and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I felt SO TERRIBLE after that.  I felt I had ruined the entire proposal with being hungry, and not running all the way to Picnic Point.  Although it wasn't the perfect proposal that you see in the movies and on tv, it was perfect proposal for us because of how funny it turned out to be in the end.  He picked one of our favorite places, and I was just being me, and he loved me enough to still proposed ha!!

...and the rest is history.  Now I get to marry my best friend and soulmate in May. 

Warner Park Community Recreation Center | Madison, WI Wedding Photographer | Kellie + Rob

Warner Recreational Park-Madison-WI-Wedding-Photographer-Kellie-and-Rob-Maried_0001.jpg

Whenever you have two kindred spirits come together and one is a yoga instructor and the other a rocker...the wedding is going to nothing short of epic. Kellie and Rob's wedding is definitely one of my favorite weddings of all time! It was a wedding full of smiles and laughter.  Most importantly it was a wedding where the bride and groom just let the day be, went with the flow and were themselves from start to finish.  I knew it was going to be a great day when I heard the conversation between Kellie and her mom (Mrs Effie).  I really wish I could share it with you guys.  I will just tell you it was absolutely hilarious.

The ceremony was held at Warner Park Community Recreational Center in Madison, WI and the party was at the Brink Lounge. There were custom wedding bands, spiked bracelets and a pink fur coat made an appearance at this wedding. A beautiful bouquet that paired beautifully with a pop of purple that was perfect for this early winter wedding.

Rob walked into the ceremony like only Rob can do! This guy is awesome! The look they gave each other when Kellie was coming down the aisle was priceless. I can truly say it will be hard to find and meet two free spirited and loving people like Kellie and Rob! They simply LOVE LIFE and EACH OTHER!!!

From the bridal party photos to the toasts, there was always a surprise or a joke or a crazy face right around the corner.  This was a party of love ones and friends, much more than a wedding day. I truly mean that in a good way. It was a true celebration. Rob rocked out on the drums and Jessica started a flash mob and Eon toast was absolutely "GENIUS". What a day...Kellie and Rob you have a special place in my heart and I wish you the best that life has to offer. Congrats to you two!!

Thanks to the awesome vendors that made this day possible.

Ceremony Venue: Warner Park Community Recreation Center // Reception Venue: The Brink Lounge // Coordinator: Spirit & Style Events // Floral: Momentum Floral // Cake & Desserts: Hyvee and Homemade // Band: Michael Walters Orchestra // HAMU: Effie Kaddatz & Alyssa Dabner // Catering: Tex Tubbs Tacos // Bride's Dress: Mikaella Bridal // Bride's Dress Shop: Marah's Elegant Bridal // Bridesmaid's Dresses & Shop: Alfred Angelo & Brandi's Bridal // Groom and Groomsmen's Attire: Nedrebos // Rings: Etsy & Chalmers Jewelers // Transportation: Kobussen Bussees

Winter Engagement Session | Giveaway Winner | Devil's Lake State Park, Baraboo WI | Lindsey + Cody

Lindsey was our Winter Engagement Session Contest Winner. Lindsey and Cody made the trip up to Wisconsin from Indiana to partake in the session.  I can truly say that these two were amazing during their session. They were laid back and full of smiles.  You simply could see the love all over their faces.  One thing Lindsey stated to me was she wanted a session outside in nature. So the first place that came to mind was the majestic Devil's Lake State Park. Nothing says outdoors like this park. It was cold, over casted and beautiful, but filled with love, smiles, laughter, gorgeous red hair and a frozen lake. It made for a great time.  So enough about the below about Lindsey and Cody's love story in the bride-to-be own words.  Congrats Lindsey and Cody!!


Lindsey's Love Story in her very own words:

So our love story; it's a loaded story, but Cody and I officially met in 2013. Later I actually learned that we'd met in junior high at the county fair...(crazy to think that I met my soulmate in junior high without realizing it!). We spent so much time together taking road trips, grocery shopping, and watching TV. We really got a chance to simply know each other. During this timeI realized that I really liked him, and he really liked me. However we were both to blind to see the  signs we both were throwing out there and we both were just too stubborn to tell each other. Because of the great amount of stubbornness we ended up going our separate ways and seeing other people.

In the summer of 2015 I decided to take a chance to messaged him to see how he was doing; but really I did it just to see if he would remember me. After sending that first message we reconnected and basically picked up where we had left off. At that time we both were still being a little gun shy and very hesitant to develop deeper feelings and being in a relationship. This however didn't stop Cody. He officially asked me to be his girlfriend at the end of October in 2015 and a weight was lifted. 

Over the next couple of years he became my rock and my best friend. I genuinely didn't want to be with no one else and I knew he was the one.  As time went on, we constantly joked about different ways to propose. Then one evening Cody told me he'd probably propose with a puppy. So, last spring he surprised me with a puppy, but there was no ring on the puppy. Later in the summer we decided to take a trip down to Williamsport falls, in Indiana. It's there that he asked me to marry him. Which definitely took me by surprise, since I am pretty clumsy and we had discussed that with my luck I'd hit it out his hands and it would be dangerous to do around water. However, I didn't that and it was the happiest day of my life. Now I get to marry my very best friend.

UW Madison Arboretum Engagement Photographer | Madison, WI | Abbi + Fabian

Abbi and Fabian are sweethearts who's love has stood the test of time. These two lovebirds met while attending high school in the Dells. They made through the trying times of being apart during college. Abbi was attending college in Minnesota, while Fabian was studying in Milwaukee. Even though they spent a lot of time a part they remained in love. Now they are together in Madison and are ready to start their lives together as husband and wife.  From boy meets girl in high school, to being a part while in college, to Fabian proposing on a mountain top (yes I did say mountain top), to future Mr and Mrs...these two have loved each other endlessly and unconditionally.  Can't wait to photograph their lovely union this summer. Abbi and Fabian are a beautiful couple and they deserve everything life has to offer.  Congrats Abbi and Fabian!! Let the countdown begin!

God's Little Angel

I don't know where to even start with this blog.  There is always that story that you hear that simply moves you and melts your heart. This couple reached out to us last year following a fundraising event at Habitat for Humanity that we both participated in.  We had an expiration date on the services that they won in a the silent auction and it had already expired. But once I received Josh's email and in that email he briefly told me their story I knew I wanted to do this for them.  So we scheduled a date to meet in February of this year and hearing their story at that meeting from both Suzanne and Josh I was almost brought to tears. Their story goes from being heartbreaking to a beautiful new chapter that is about to unfold. Here are few images of their maternity session at the beautiful Calendonia Golf and Fish Club in Pawley's Island. 

As for their story of God's little angel, I will let them tell you themselves...Listen to Suzanne and Josh as they share their story of heartbreak and joy as they are about to welcome little Miss Tenley Brooks into this world.

If you know of anyone who have or is struggling with this type of loss in their lives share this with them to let them know that they are not alone. That they can feel joy again and maybe share their story with others. We never know what God has in store for us and your struggles could one day help others. However,  I can tell you that He will not give you anything you can't handle. 

God Bless You Suzanne and Josh and THANK YOU for allowing us to tell your story. Until next time...Be Blessed, Stay Happy and Keep Smiling!!!

Many thanks goes to:

Taylor Sparks for makeup and hair and Kevin Dunbar of Media by KD.

Family Farm Engagement Photographer | Highland, WI | Betsy + Tim

A little back story on the couple:

Betsy and Tim met on online four years ago. Betsy had a feeling from the start that Tim was the one. She really realized this when she had to cancel their third date so she could see her Dad when he in came in town for the weekend. That weekend she told her dad, "I don't know where this is going, but I think he could be my best friend,". Betsy met his parents the following weekend and the next month Tim drove all the way to Virginia with her to meet her grandmother. Everyone knows once you get introduced to grandma, things are pretty serious. LOL! 

Things started moving quickly between them and the trust was truly building with them, so much that they started a business together six weeks into dating. Betsy says "because they're crazy like that." About five months into dating Tim turned his focus to their web marketing business and moved to Madison. They moved in together the following January 

So I guess you could say they knew they would be together and committed to each other pretty quickly. 

They have spent most of our relationship working and loving each other side by side. And that commitment to each other extends into the relationship.  The working relationship just solidifies and anchors their love even more. Currently, they own a real estate brokerage and remodeling company together. They spend more time together than most couples and get comments all the time like, "I could never work with my spouse, we'd fight all the time,". They see it as creating a life and a home together; which involves so many of the same decisions and conversations as running a business together, it just makes sense to share all of it. 

Betsy and Tim chose to have part one of their engagement session on the family farm and part two at Summers Tree Farm in Middleton. Beautiful acreage with so many places to photograph made for the perfect backdrop for part one of their session. Summers Tree Farm was awesome to photograph too.  They wanted images of them cutting down their Christmas Tree.  The kicker that it was so cold and extremely windy, but Time and Betsy stuck it out to get a few images. I can't wait to photograph these two on their wedding day at HotelRed. Congrats to Betsy and Tim!