Photos by Jarrett Hucks Photography, Alyse Trefny and Blu Moose Photography

I'm the Moose, aka T.L. Davis lead photographer and creative mind of Blu Moose Photography. Moose was a childhood nickname that my father and the old guys bestowed on me while growing up in a very teenie tiny town. My dad had other nicknames for me as well, but Moose just stuck like glue.  As for the Blu... that's a simple story for another day. My wife Karla is the actual brains and captain of this ship. She also photographs weddings with me as well but she absolutely loves the business aspect of Blu Moose Photography.

Other things about me:

I'm a Jesus loving, family oriented jokester kind of dude. Virtually a Myrtle Beach native, but the town I grew up in is so small that if you blinked you would actually miss it.  However now i split time between the Southeast and the Midwest (Wisconsin). I'm a die hard Michigan Wolverine football, RedSox, Colts and Pacers fan. I love me some humor and tons of laughs with some good ole southern bbq and seafood. Love traveling any where warm and tropical and my favorite place on earth right now is Hawaii; however, I am definitely itching to vacation and shoot a wedding in cold snowy locations. I'm down to earth, love a good beer, steak and great conversation. I am simply...a simple dude.

We love what we do!! And to get to know Blu Moose Photography a little deeper click here.  All the other photographers that I work with LOVE it too!! Being able to capture the joys and wonders of a wedding day, family session or an engagement session through the camera is truly pure joy and motivation for me.  Those little moments in time that makes us smile, laugh, cry and wonder are things we cling to, and that's why I love photography and wedding photography especially has all of that.  We all at some point in our lives have those few images in our mind that we truly wished we could have in front of us...and that's special. So why not capture those moments.  Our goal as wedding and portrait photographers are to help relive those joyous moments. To allow you to look at the images that we captured for you and it instantly takes you back to what you were feeling at that very moment, the love and emotion that you felt and still feel for that love of your life that you married or the people that celebrated with you.

 So if we ever have the pleasure of being call upon to capture your moments in know what type of photographers we are and my dedication to ensuring your moments are forever captured in your heart as well as on print.  

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