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ABOUT the Moose

Hi I'm Moose aka Talwin lead photographer and creative mind of Blu Moose Photography. Moose was a childhood nickname that my father and the old guys bestowed on me while growing up in a small town in SC. My dad had other nicknames for me as well, but Moose just stuck like glue.  As for the Blu... that's simple, blue is my favorite color and with the "e" on the end of blue, it didn't look as snazzy. My wife Karla is the actual brains and captain of this ship. She also photographs weddings with me as well but she absolutely loves the business aspect of Blu Moose Photography.  I'm virtually a Myrtle Beach native, but the town I grew up in is so small that if you blinked you would actually miss it.  However I now live in what I call the “Great White Tundra” better known as Wisconsin. Believe me its a shocking change of weather and scenery for me; however, I embrace it fully.

Hmmm...what are some other things about me. Let me just tell you what I love. I absolutely LOVE:

  1. Jesus! I am faith driven and without Him I am nothing.

  2. My family. My wife and kids are everything to me.

  3. My Red Sox, Michigan Wolverine football, Colts & Pacers.

  4. I love me some humor and tons of laughs.

  5. Good ole southern bbq, fresh seafood and good cold beer.

  6. Hawaii!! Need I say more.

  7. Down to earth people and great conversation.

  8. My Big Green Egg. The food that's comes off of it is YUM YUM!!

  9. Shoes...I have waaaaay too many to be a guy!

  10. Photography and especially wedding and engagement photography. I will explain it below briefly. But to get to know me a little deeper click here.

I love what I do, because it's about those moments that gives us that flutter, tear, smile or ab tightening laugh. Being able to capture those moments whether it's a wedding day, family session or an engagement session through the camera is truly pure joy and passion for me.  Those little moments in time that makes us smile, laugh, cry and wonder are things we cling to, and that's why I love photography and wedding photography has all of that.  We all at some point in our lives have those few images in our mind that we truly wished we could have in front of us and that's what photography provides...and that's something truly special.   My goal as your wedding and portrait photographer is to help you relive those joyous moments. To allow you to look at those images that were captured for you and allow it to instantly take you back to what you were feeling at that very moment. The love and emotion that you felt and still feel for that love of your life that you married and the people that celebrated with you. That's why I love photography. That's why photography is listed #10 on my list. Because without the previous 9 things I wouldn't even begin to know how photography impacts us now and in the future.  Those 9 things have given me moments in my life to help me understand the moments that I will capturing in yours. 

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Love is the greatest adventure


"A photograph never grows old. You and I change, people change all through the months and years, but a photograph always remains the same..." - Albert Einstein